The creator of Monkey Island is disappointed with the fans’ suggestions about a new game in the series

Ron Gilbert says he is shocked by the criticism of those who say they are fanatics about the series

Responsible for direction Return to Monkey IslandRon Gilbert on his official blog expressed dissatisfaction with how fans deal with the new chapter of the series. According to a publication he wrote nine years ago in which he shared ideas about the future of the franchise It should not be taken as something “stoned” to guide the development of a new game.

These were just random thoughts (then very dubious) about the new Monkey Island game. None of them were promises or anything I owe anyone“- said Gilbert. He said His idea conveyed in the series can be summed up as the protagonist Gaibrush Trepwood, who follows the pirate Lechak in hellFound there seller Stan.

The director also announces about it Returning to Monkey Island will be a completely different experience, And protested the idea that the series has a retro look. Gilbert explains that the original titles used the most advanced technologies of their time and that It’s wrong to call your visual styles pixel art. “If I had stayed and made Monkey Island 3, it would not have looked like Monkey Island 2. We kept moving forward and Day of the Tentacle is an example of that.“.

Returning to Monkey Island does not have to be a retro game

Gilbert also said He is not going to consider his return to the series as a return to the past or an attempt to create a retro game. He said the intention is to do something.Provocative, shocking and unexpected … and it’s wonderful to see, play and hear. Returning to Monkey Island may not be the art style you wanted or expected, but it is the art style I wanted.He explained.

The director was also disappointed with the feedback from the fans of the series., Who criticized the material shown so far about the game. “Ironically, people who do not want me to play this game are one of the heaviest fans of Monkey Island. And that’s what bothers me about watching the comments“.

Announced in early April, The game has been in development for over two years and should be released in 2022 by publisher Devolver Digital.. The title promises to be a direct sequel Monkey Island 2Excluding other games released by studios such as LucasArts and Telltale Games.


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Source: PC Gamer, Grumpy Gamer


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