The composer pulls back on the possible removal of Faye Long from the Street Fighter series

Composer Daniel Lindholm said his claims were misinterpreted

In early May the composer Daniel Lindholm Caused a stir among the fans Street Fighter Claimed that Faye Long might never return to the series. In the show, He said Bruce Lee’s family no longer wanted to portray the fighter as a “caricature”.Which will negatively affect Capcom’s fighting game series.

However, after the controversy, Lindholm stepped back and said the story he was telling was only hypothetical.. Speaking to VG 24/7, he said his alleged source was in connection with Lee’s family actually Pre-existing news based on his reaction to the appearance of a fighter “Once in Hollywood”Film by director Quentin Tarantino.

When it comes to Mr.’s family. Lee, this is a discussion that has been going on for years, especially considering how Quentin Tarantino portrayed him negatively, something that was not appreciated. This is a fact and what the family has been defending for a long time.“Lindholm explained. The composer also reinforced his lines on the completion of the use of Fei Long It has nothing to do with Capcom And was purely speculative.

Bruce Lee’s family speaks

Lindholm’s position soon changed Bruce Lee’s family is officially talking about this. Fighters’ representatives said on Twitter that they have no idea who the composer is and that Never made any statement about tribute and caricature restrictions.

We have never made such a comment. We have no idea who the family’s close friends are, as Daniel Lindholm says, but his comments are completely wrong about Bruce Lee’s family.“- say the representatives of the fighter. After the negative feedback, The composer also deleted videos from the internet in which he talked about Faye Long And said they are “out of context.”

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The future of the character may be revealed by Capcom soonWhich may reveal details about the actor Street Fighter 6. The new game in the series could be one of the stars of the new Sony Play State of Play BroadcastWhich will be held next Thursday (June 2).


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Source: VG 4/7


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