The Colorado Avalanche defeated Tampa Bay to win the Stanley Cup

Tampa, Florida – Ten teams in the last three years have tried to eliminate Tampa Bay lightning in the post-season as they follow a dynasty. They tried in the 2020 bubble, tried in Canada, North Carolina, Florida and the New York Islands, but all failed.

From 2019, no one could find a way to defeat a team heading to the peaks until Sunday, the Colorado Avalanche discovered the right combination of skill, speed and diligence needed to overcome the champion.

For the first time since the start of the pandemic, the NHL has a new champion. The Aircraft defeated Elf, 2-1, in the 6th game of the finals, and won the Stanley Cup, one of the sport’s most inaccessible and enduring cups.

In celebration of the game one by one, the avalanche players held a magnificent bowl upstairs and kissed it as they paraded around the ice of the Amalie Arena, just as lightning did on the same pitch, their home pitch, the previous year.

This is the third title for the Colorado franchise and the first since 2001, when Joe Sakic was the team captain. Sakichi, who played seven seasons in the organization before moving from Quebec, once again took part in the latest celebration, this time as the club’s general manager and architect with such a deep talent that it meant Tampa Bay was finally here. Met his match.

Kale Makari, a dazzling, 23-year-old defender, played at a high level Eight goals and 29 points. But other great players like center Nathan McKinnon, wing Miko Rantanen, sophisticated forward Nazem Kadri and wing Gabriel Landescog, the captain, all played a role in getting the Tampa Bay Cup stubborn out of Tampa Bay’s hands.

Elva hoped to become the first team to win three Stanley Cups in a row since the Islanders won four titles in a row from 1980 to 1983. But performing such a task is a test of endurance: the brilliant goalkeeper Andrei Vasilevsky and part of the skaters. The team’s main star group, such as defender Victor Hedman, wing Nikita Kucherov and defender Mikhail Sergachov, played in the 68th high-intensity game in the post-season series, which began with the 2020 playoffs in Canada. Pandemic.

Elvanning has played more games than any other team in the last three years, avoiding elimination after four games during that period, and after three years of constant mental and physical blows, they have finally given way to a new champion.

In 2020, Lightning defeated the Dallas Stars Rogers at the playoffs in Edmonton, Alberta, in a neutral venue without fans, and last year they defeated Montreal Canadiens.

This year, they became the first team since the early 1980s to reach the third consecutive final series, but Colorado was among the top 10 teams Lightning has played in the last three post-seasons (including the Islands and the Florida Panthers twice each). ).

Sakichi, who has proven to be almost as competent in creating a winner from the front office as a foot skater and stick in hand, is responsible for creating a team that has been widely recognized as one of the few for several years. The emerging forces of the league. But that only happened after Colorado missed the playoffs six times in seven years, from 2011 to 2017.

Those were tough years for NHL hockey in Denver, but the Colorado front office, led by Sacchi since 2013, added talented players each year. Many of them came through the high draft, thanks to all the lost seasons. Landescog was elected in the second round in 2011. McKinnon was named the first choice after 2 years, while Colorado elected Rantanen in the 10th election in 2015. In 2017, it made good sense for them to keep Macarius for 4 and two years. They then added defender Bowen Bairam, also No. 4.

With those native players, plus years with key additions such as staff defender Devon Tuce and wing Andre Burakovsky in the trade, and wing Valery Nichushkin through a free agent, Colorado got into an argument. Last year, Avalanche won the Presidential Cup, which was awarded to the team with the best record of the regular season. But so far the group has not been able to turn a regular season success into a playoff glory, having fallen into second place in the previous three years.

McCarthy has won the Norris trophy as the league’s best defender this season, while setting a 31-year-old career record with 87 points, Avalanche has set franchise records for wins (56) and points (119) and most. It is important that the dominance in the playoffs was broken by a record of 16-4.

From the training camp, the avalanche issue revolved around the team’s ability to overcome past failures and eventually win the title. This was tested in the final as the avalanche lost its 5th game at home and had the prospect of becoming only the second team out of 37 to lose in the final after leading 3-1 in the series.

But in the 6th game the avalanche showed its own championship decision.

Elva scored the first goal during a goal by the team’s captain, Steven Stamkos, who turned in front of the goal and slid the front goalie Darcy between Kuemper’s cushions. Lightning maintained that lead until McKinnon equalized with a single shot from Vasilevsky on the right, just 1 minute and 54 seconds into the second period, suffocating the crowd.

Minutes later, Arthur Leconen, who joined Avalanche in the Sacchi draw with Montreal in March, scored the goal and gave Colorado their first lead in the game, bringing the team closer to its first Stanley Cup celebration since Sacchi won the cup as a player. , 21 years ago.

In the third period, the new legs of the Junior Avalanche forced Pak to stay in Tampa Bay for a long time, further proving that it was finally time to crown the new champion.

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