The classic Resident Evil has been remade in Unreal Engine 5 by a fan

One of the scariest environments in the franchise now with realistic graphics

The first title in the Resident Evil franchise was a game-changer in the genre that began with Alone in the Dark. The game received a Game Cube remake in 2002 and became one of the best horror games ever. Now fans want to make it even more real with Unreal Engine 5.”Biohazard RE1 Classic EditionIt’s already in advanced development, as you can see in the trailer below.

This “remake” aims to leave the game exactly as it was originally, that is, without changing the gameplay mechanics, only modeling the characters, monsters and scenarios. This last element already shows good results, with a more realistic and dangerous environment.

The developer explains that “the project will be 100% fixed camera, will respect the classic style of the game and will be slow as before”. This was evident in the trailer, with the slow zombies, the time between shots was very slow, but in reality the classic Resident Evil titles were like that.

The person behind Biohazard RE1 Classic Edition has stated that they may consider an over-the-shoulder mode like it was after Resident Evil 4, but makes it clear that it’s not a focus at the moment. This points to another fan work featuring Resident Evil with this type of camera.

This other project is bolder as it covers Raccoon City and the police station before Bravo Team arrives in the woods where Spencer’s mansion is. All this with characters and zombie models from the recent remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3.

Resident Evil Village gets news in October

Officially, the next game in the franchise to receive news is Resident Evil Village and its Gold Edition. Along with it is guaranteed the first story DLC, Shadows of Rose, new characters for the Expendables mode, in addition to a third-person view that shows Ethan Winter in full for the first time.

The main story is Rose, which will take place after the recent events of Resident Evil Village. This additional content is coming to the game on October 28th.

The next big game in the franchise will be Resident Evil 4, which is one of the most ported games in history. The game will not be a remake, but a reboot, reimagining the story and showing a different perspective on the events that Leon faces in his search for the daughter of the US president. The game arrives in March 2023.


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