The Chamber approved the legal framework for the electronic games industry

The plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies approved today (19) with a symbolic vote the draft law that creates the legal framework for the electronic games industry. The proposal goes to the Federal Senate for analysis.

The measure aims to stimulate the electronic gaming industry in Brazil by reducing taxation on products. Re-election candidate President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) is in favor of tax cuts on gaming.

During his government, he has already promoted four reductions in taxes on imports and industrial products.

According to the report by Darci de Matos (PSD-SC), the text regulates the production, importation, commercialization and development of electronic games and the provision of entertainment services related to fantasy games.

Electronic games are computer programs that contain graphic and audiovisual elements for entertainment purposes in which the user controls the action and interacts with the interface; Central hardware and accessories, for private or commercial use, specifically dedicated to running games and mobile application and website software developed for fantasy gaming entertainment.

As UOL pointed out, the rapporteur did not include slot machines and other similar games of chance in the regulation. The original draft was authored by MP Kim Katagiri (União-SP), who noted the approval of the measure in the plenary session.

“Historic victory for this industry that creates employment, income, guarantees education and health for millions of people. Finally, Brazil is starting to take seriously the most promising industry in the country,” he said.

What does the text say? The measure allows the use of electronic games in the school environment for entertainment or activities, for didactic purposes, in compliance with the Common Core of the National Curriculum (BNCC); rest therapeutic means; and vehicle driving training and simulations in response to emergency situations.

An investment in the development of electronic games will be considered an investment in research, development and innovation. Also according to the text, “facilitation of consumer disputes of electronic games and fantasy games by distribution of prizes of any kind is free in accordance with the rules established in advance.”

The framework also provides that the state will be responsible for the specified age classification and any state authorization for the development and operation of electronic games and fantasy games will be removed.

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