The Callisto Protocol: Trailer reveals scenes with Karen Fukuhara for the first time

The star of the popular series The Boys will be one of the main characters of the game

Striking Distance Studios released a new trailer for horror game The Callisto Protocol this Thursday (29). Apart from the small plot details, the video reveals for the first time Character scenes played by Karen FukuharaStar of the popular sitcom The Boys.

The trailer reveals the game’s setting and the secrets hidden in Black Iron Prison, a maximum security facility on Jupiter’s moon Callisto, where the game takes place. Fukuhara portrays the character Danny Nakamura, And we still don’t know what kind of relationship he will have with the hero Jacob.

Black Iron hides terrible secrets, and Jacob must uncover them if he is to survive. At the end of the trailer, the mysterious woman declares: “As you wish, everything will be revealed soon. Black Iron Truth.”

The developers say that Callisto Protocol is not Dead Space 4

Despite similarities such as a health bar, ammo, and an atmosphere very reminiscent of Dead Space, The developers claim that Callisto Protocol Is Not Dead Space 4. In an interview, CTO Mark James explained that early in development, the studio was concerned about the comparisons: “We started the game in reverse, we were so afraid of introducing elements of Dead Space, so we tried to turn it around.”

Developer CEO Glenn Schofield is responsible for the original Dead Space classic, which is set to receive EA’s remake. Over time, the studio decided not to care about comparisons and simply developed the game towards a reasonable proposition. “The most obvious [comparação] This is a stomp. We thought, “What’s the best way to kill someone by getting close to you? Maybe you can aim?’ No, the best way is to step on it, so it was with some reluctance that we went back and took the step because we were worried about the comparison.”

Callisto protocol Arrives December 2nd For PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X and PC

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