‘The Callisto Protocol’ contains horrors in shocking trailer!

Last Thursday, November 17th, was the first release Trailer of the “Callisto Protocol”, following game which will be released in 2022 and is scheduled for December 2.

The game’s genre is a mixture of horror and action, and recently an impressive video has become available that reveals many details about the production. The work was developed by the same creator “Dead space🇧🇷

The story behind The Callisto Protocol is related to the life of Jacob Lee and has a background of 2320 years. Lee is one of the few survivors after a contagious virus infects everyone. When contaminated, humans became biophages.

Meanwhile, Lee was in the Black Iron Prison, where he was one of the prisoners. Faced with such a dark scenario, the main character game He will have to do everything possible and impossible to survive in the midst of the chaos in which everything is. And, in his search for salvation, he discovers the dark secrets of the United Jupiter Company.

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The game fits perfectly into the horror genre, but every gamer knows the difficulty in creating a scene that truly scares players. For this reason, the game’s developer company chose to add a method called “Engineering horror“, which makes it possible to manually add creepy moments.

So, if you are going to play, know that it will not be only scary pictures, but the whole project mixed with an atmosphere of tension, cruelty, helplessness and lack of humanity.

The artwork uses every detail to make things even darker, as is the case with the lighting, choosing a darker environment. That way, when the exact moment comes to accept the fear, everything will work properly, trust me.

In addition, the director has already confirmed game🇧🇷 Glen SchofieldThat the next game will be much more intense than what was created in “Dead Space”, which is responsible for its inspiration.

However, to really scare people, game Will have to focus on the emotions of the players.

“The Callisto Protocol” is scheduled to arrive on December 2, 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC. Check it out Trailer Just below:

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