The Brazilian game The Legend of the Hero 2: The March of Malaquias will have singer Lucas Inutilismo

Game Drops has received official information from Dumativa. The Brazilian game A Lenda do Heroi 2: A Marcha de Malaquias will feature singer Lucas Inutilismo.

Legend of Hero 2: March of Malachi is a 2D platform music game that follows the innovative A Lenda do Hérói game created by the Castro brothers in partnership with Dumativa. In this order, the player must play the role of a A new herowhich is performed by a singer Uselessness of Luke. The player will also have to explore a world that responds musically to their actions and develop skills to defeat Malachi’s fearsome army.

In Legend of Hero 2, the musical experience has been dramatically enhanced and enhanced, allowing for immediate sound feedback on every action taken during gameplay. On 08/09/2022, the pre-sale of the game will start in partnership with Nuuvem, a two-month crowdfunding campaign that will also bring exclusive gifts to backers. This includes game replicas and collectibles like t-shirts, posters, t-shirts, dioramas, even guitars customized with game art. All made in partnership with Lolja and Stamp.Aí. The campaign website is now live and can be accessed via the link

in the first game Dynamic musical mechanics There was a feature that combined sound and score in different ways during gameplay to offer a unique musical experience. This time, the mechanic will still be used, but with some improvements, and also brings two new features: The mechanics of rhythm and Duet mechanics. THE The mechanics of rhythm will make Legend of the Hero 2’s settings, enemies and NPCs also part of the music, and that their behaviors are synchronized with the harmony and instruments, as if they are “dancing” to the sound. already Duet mechanics Allowing NPCs and enemies to interact with the hero when he sings during gameplay, not just in cutscenes and cinematics.

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The Brazilian game A Lenda do Heroi 2: A Marcha de Malaquias will feature singer Lucas Inutilismo. Photo: Disclosure

“The new music mechanic is a list of things we couldn’t do in the first game, along with player feedback and some new stuff that came up over the last few months of work.” We are raising the level of theatricality of the legendary hero to another level, and the process of bringing him to life is very interesting. It’s about seeing a combination of musicians, programmers, writers and artists working in an integrated way. ” says Vinicius Braga, Music Director of Dumativa about the musical mechanics.

With these improved mechanics, not only the music reacts to the player’s actions, but also the scenery, enemies and NPCs react to the track, taking the level of dynamism and interactivity to another level, with instant musical responses.

Malachi’s March It will allow for a much larger number of not only areas to explore, but also characters that will sing and interact with the voice of Lucas Inutilismo. This new adventure will also feature the participation of big names in music and national entertainment such as Rafael Bittencourt (Angra), Lucas Silveira (Fresno), Isa Sales and Leo Ramos (Skatolove). Rodrigo Tizer, Evelyn Castro (Porta dos Fundos), Yasmin Ali Yassin (Venus Podcast) and zero (Balela).

“Making a game where a character changes what they sing based on the player’s actions was a huge and rewarding challenge. No other game in the world has done this and I am very proud that we are the pioneers of this idea. Now, unsatisfied, let’s take what we’ve been planning for over 10 years to an even higher level. I’m really looking forward to the future.” Comment by Marcos Castro.

The legend of the hero It originated as a video in 2012 for a YouTube-promoted contest called NextUp, which aims to help channels purchase and upgrade equipment. The script consisted of a musical in which a video game character would sing the actions he performed while facing enemies and referencing classic platform games. In less than a week, the video reached nearly 500,000 views, an impressive number at the time, prompting fans to demand that the prank be turned into a real game.

Due to the popularity of the material, the Castro Brothers teamed up with Dumativa, a game development studio in Rio de Janeiro, and in 2014 they launched a crowdfunding campaign to make the game possible. More than 6,000 people participated and 258,000 reais were collected, which was one of the most successful campaigns in Brazil at that time. In 2022, after selling more than 120 thousand copies in Brazil alone, it can be considered one of the big Brazilian games. The game was released internationally in English under the title “Songs For A Hero” and then made available for the Nintendo Switch in 2021, shown on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel.

Together with Rafael Lange (Cellbit), Dumativa was responsible for the “Enigma do Medo” crowdfunding campaign (in 2021), which raised 4.2 million reais and involved more than 30 thousand supporters. Record holder for the two largest digital gaming campaigns in Brazil. The game, which is scheduled for release in January 2023, already has a page on Steam.

The official release date of The Legend of the Hero: March of Malachi game is 2024 and will initially be available for PC.

Data sheet

Hero’s Legend 2 – March of Malachi

Creative Direction: The Castro Brothers

developed Dummy

Estimated release: 2024

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