The Brazilian game Josh Journey: Darkness Totems is coming in October

Game Drops has received official information from QUByte. The Brazilian game Josh Journey: Darkness Totems is coming in October 2022.

QUByte Interactive is pleased to announce the release date Josh Journey: Darkness Totems, Developed by Province Studio. The game is scheduled to be released October 6, 2022 For Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series X|S and Steam.

O The world of the province is filled with nightmarish monsters dream world . THE shadow of darkness The unit that controls The dark side of dreams Sends your creatures and spreads Totems of Darkness control four main provinces: Wind, water, desert and industry . The main goal of our heroes is to fight against these evil forces, to destroy them Totems To bring you peace and harmony the world .

Josh Journey: Darkness Totems Brings four heroes to this adventure! Every hero has it unique skills , attack head-on using a sword or hammer, or attack from a distance using magic or shooting. You can choose to play one of them with your friends during a local co-op game or play with all of them in a single-player game session.

Meet the heroes:

Josh Sword , uses the wind element. He has great dexterity, facilitates quick, decisive strikes, and can quickly navigate the environment. He is especially good at aerial combat.

Melina the witch , uses the water element. He’s a slight change from the Arcanist archetype, has impressive long-range projectiles, and lowers his enemy’s abilities. It adds powerful crowd control capabilities and optional support.

A hidden nomad , uses the earth element. He is a tough hero who is part of a mystical and tribal society. However, his kicks are slower and harder to land, with a larger kick as a counterpoint.

ZOZ multitasking robot , uses the element of fire. He has a wide range of skills, such as long-range explosive projectiles and bombs, that vacillate between violent means and clever use of props and threats.

Josh Journey: Darkness Totems is the first game released by Province Studio. Games like Golden Axe, Chrono Trigger, Zelda and Castle Crashers are inspirations. Josh Journey is a combination of all these game atmospheres. A journey of exploration and fun!

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Josh Journey: Darkness Totems. Photo: Disclosure

Game features

– Quickly switch heroes throughout the game, providing massive combos in battle!

– All characters with traditional hand-drawn 2D animation!

– Create a skill board to perform special attacks during battles.

– Explore beautiful and large environments with large parallax in different provinces such as wind, water, desert and industrial.

– A huge cast of cute and scary enemies with different behaviors and attacks.

– Epic boss battles.

Josh Journey: Darkness Totems Currently in early access on Steam. A free demo version is also available for PC.

You can find it here (wishlist!): Josh Journey Steam Page

The full game will be released on October 6 on Steam, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Series X|S.

Important links

Official page

Josh JourneyTwitter and Discord

YouTube Release Date Reveal Trailer

QuByte Interactive Twitter and Discord

Province Studio Twitter

About Qubyte Interactive

QUByte is a Brazilian game developer and the largest console publisher in Latin America. Our goal is to grow the industry by partnering with Porting and Publishing, making games accessible to a wide audience on all major platforms so they can realize their potential.

About the provincial studio

Provincia is a studio specializing in illustration and animation in Brazil, created by brothers Guilherme & Iuri Araújo. They participated in the international summer school program in character animation GOBELINS, l’école de l’image, Paris/France (2012).

In addition, Provincia Studio produces independent projects such as games and animated shorts that participate in several festivals and events around the world, such as Anima Mundi (SP/RJ – Brazil), Encounters (Bristol – UK), ANNY Animation Nights (USA) and Short Film Corner/Cannes Festival (France) with awards at the Berlin Short Film Festival (Germany), LAFA (Los Angeles Film Awards) and the US Hollywood International Golden Film Awards.

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