The Brazilian game Bricky to Me will be released on July 21

Game Drops has received official information from QUByte. The Brazilian game Bricky to Me arrives on July 21, 2022. See below.

QUbyte Interactive, in partnership with IdunaSoft, is pleased to announce a new game, brick for me which will be available July 21 For Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X.

Bricky for me is a puzzle-platformer that introduces the idea of ​​traversing randomly arranged rooms. Join the knight and the mysterious cat in the castle, where the entire scenario is dynamically modified, creating rooms with incredible challenges to overcome.

The game has a simple yet punishing gameplay. Avoid traps, destroy enemies, solve puzzles, collect coins, make the right jumps and make sure you stay alive until you reach the boss fight or you’ll have to do it all over again. Yes, all your progress in this race will be lost if you fail.

Bricky to Me puts the player in an unknown challenge with each new game. You never know what will happen next, it may be already known or something completely new. Yes, you can pet the cat.

Game features:

– More than 60 randomly generated stages

– Intriguing puzzles

– A kitten to pet

– Boomerang to defeat enemies

– Very unusual boss fight

For more information, visit the game’s official website, join the Discord community, and follow along QUbyte on Twitter.

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The Brazilian game Bricky to Me arrives on July 21st. Photo: Disclosure

as for QUbyte interactive

THE QUbyte is a Brazilian game developer and the largest console publisher in Latin America. We aim to grow the industry through Porting and Publishing partnerships, making games available to a wide audience on all major platforms so they can realize their full potential.

About IDunaSoft

Brazilian indie game studio. Game developers like Mustache in Hell and The Knight of Turn are both available on Steam.

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