The Boston Celtics defeated Golden State in their first game in the NBA Finals

SAN FRANCISCO – After a long and busy road to the NBA Finals, Golden State was grateful for a whole week of rest and recovery before meeting the Boston Celtics in their first game Thursday night.

Golden State’s modest break ended abruptly. Boston was convinced of this, with the stunning Golden State, 120-108, winning the opening match of the Seven Series at the Chase Center.

The Celtics relied on their depth to eliminate a 15-point deficit in the second half. Al Horford had 26 points for the team, Jalen Brown had 24 points and Derrick White had 21 on the bench.

Jason Tetum scored just 12 points in the win and shot from 17 of 3 pitches, but he scored a maximum of 13 assists per game. The Celtics also managed to overcome the turbocharging of Golden State by Stephen Carr, who scored 34 points.

Game 2 is a Sunday evening in San Francisco.

Speaking ahead of the game, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver noted that the league had two original franchises in the finals – the corresponding series for the NBA, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this season. The Philadelphia Warriors won their first league championship, back in 1947, when they took care of the Chicago Stegs in five games. The Celtics are aiming for the 18th title and the first since 2008.

The finale is, of course, a familiar place for famous Golden State stars. Kari, Clay Thompson and Draymond Green are making it to the sixth finals in the last eight seasons. And the Warriors looked pretty dominant because they only needed five games to eliminate the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference Finals.

The Celtics, on the other hand, were coming out of a seven-game series with the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. Ahead of the game against Golden State, Marcus Smart and Robert Williams III were still recovering from injuries. And Tatum and Brown, two young Celtics stars, were given tremendous minutes during the playoffs.

At an early stage, Golden State was ready to jump across Boston. In the first quarter alone, Karim sank six three-pointers – the final record in a three-point quarter – and scored 21 points when Golden State led 10. Andre Iguodala even got involved and played the first few minutes. After missing most of the post-season due to spinal problems from the first round.

But the Celtics did not make it to the finals by accident. They created the league’s top-rated defense in the regular season and stepped up the pressure on the door as the game progressed. Consider one property of the second quarter as the door tried to work freely with several series of screens. White defended him, then Tatum, then Smart, the league’s best defensive player of the year. Surprise: Karim could not find the opening.

Jordan Poole finished the first half with a 3-point attempt for Golden State and the Celtics led 56-54. The gold-clad crowd that roared for most of the half seemed to be collective nonsense. Lots of fans were waiting for the teenagers ’soft drinks on the pitch.

Golden State is known for its explosive third quarter, though Thursday’s version was no different. By the time Karim threw in the acrobatic game, Golden State was back with 9s.

But the Celtics, trained by players like White and Peyton Pritchard, had great prospects in the fourth quarter and led 109-103 when Horford sank a three-pointer back.

Fans started gathering at the exits at the last minute.

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