The book celebrates the RPG’s 40th anniversary

“Global Postural Re-education – Tradition, Present and Future” (2022, Summus Editorial), edited by Philippe Emmanuel Sauchard, Orazio Melli, Diego Sgama, and Paolo Pilastrini. Photo: Reproduction.

THE Global Postural Re-education, or RPGCreated in 1980 by French physiotherapist Philippe Emmanuel Sauchard, it remains relevant and innovative. It treats the individual, observing how each person reacts to a specific problem, which leads to a personalized observation that determines the cause of one or more symptoms, takes into account the whole body of the person and uses specific positions to adjust the segments and restore balance. muscles.

The history of RPG and the details of the method established in dozens of countries, including Brazil, with institutions dedicated to its development and training of professionals, are in the book. “Global Postural Re-education – Tradition, Present and Future” (2022, Summus Editorial), organized by Sochard himself, three specialists from France and Italy, in addition to 13 collaborators from six countries, including Brazilians.

Indicated for physical therapists, but serving everyone interested in the subject, the 14-chapter publication is in-depth and comprehensive. “The roots are solid, the branches can grow, the method has never been more relevant than now,” says Philippe Sauchard in the foreword. “Tradition” is the history that allowed us to develop an idea. “Present” is the actuality that animates the discipline today. “The future” is the science of physical therapy and RPG is a reality that belongs entirely to the rehabilitation sciences. “, says the author.

Philippe Emmanuel Sauchard also created Stretching Global Ativo (SGA) in 1994. He has written 19 books, translated into Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, English, German and Polish, including Aperture (1989) and Breathing (1989).

Sochard has trained more than 22,000 physiotherapists in several countries, including Brazil. He is currently Director-President of the Université Internationale Permanente de Thérapie Manuelle (UIPTM), President of the International RPG Foundation, and President-Director of the Philippe Sauchard Institute of Global Postural Education (IPSRPG), with offices in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. janeiro..


Title: Global Postural Re-education – Tradition, Present and Future

Organizers: Philippe E Sauchard, Orazio Melli, Diego Sgama, Paolo Pilastrini

Publisher: Summus Editorial

Price: BRL 189.90 (e-book: BRL 113.90)

Pages: 232 (21 x 28 cm)

ISBN: 978-65-5549-071-8

Click on the image to go to the book’s official page. Photo: Disclosure.


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