The Blade Runner RPG is sponsored in minutes on Kickstarter

In the genre of dystopian futures controlled by evil megacorporations, Blade Runner It is a classic universal. The original film is an adaptation Do androids dream of electric sheep? in Philip K. Dick Published in 1968. Although Blade Runner played little in theaters at the time of his release, over the years he gained a strong cult following and was eventually inspired by a critically acclaimed sequel. Dennis VilleneuveDirector Dune 2021.

Table role-playing games are surprisingly numerous in this genre, but the two most popular and successful options were undoubtedly shadowrun And Cyberpunk. Each came up with an adaptation of the game about their dark, futuristic world – the Shadowrun Trilogy has its roots as a crowdfunded project. kickstarter.


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This time, Free League Edition And Alcon Entertainment Used the crowdfunding platform as Blade Runner’s official role-playing game. authorized Blade Runner: Role PlayingThe action takes place on the streets of Los Angeles Neon Noir in 2037, about twelve years before the events of the second film.

The excitement for the project was undoubtedly high as the Kickstarter record reached the $ 10,124 budget target just three minutes after launch. Since the publication of this article, the project has accumulated more than a million dollars in funding, leaving supporters 21 days to donate money to the project.

The aim of the project is to create a table role-playing game that focuses on the case, including (but not limited to) retirement, as corporate intrigue, existential drama, and moral conflict merge. Role-based game rules Year with zero engineBut uniquely tailored to Blade Runner’s world and environment.

The Blade Runner role-playing game set includes a compressed rule book, pre-generated characters, and Electric Dreams, The first complete case file for Blade Runners to decrypt. Depending on how far-reaching the goal the Kickstarter project will reach by the end of the funding period, the start-up kit will receive many additions, such as a customized data set, printed map distributions, and initiative cards.

The biggest benefit in terms of expanded goals comes from expansion Basic rules – Rewards that offer players a chance to generate random generator tables, allowing them to create new Case files using dice goals – as well as bonus character archetypes.

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