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LEGO is releasing a buildable version of the Atari 2600, the brand’s classic model. The toy has more than 2,000 pieces and will hit US stores on August 1, with pre-orders now available on the manufacturer’s website for $239.99, roughly R$1,288 at current prices. The device is nothing more than a replica, that is, it does not work like a real video game, but brings themed and interactive decorative options, changing its shape as the user wants. Cartridges, for example, bring references to games and there is even a joystick that simulates a real accessory. We remind you that the arrival of “Console” in Brazil is not predicted yet.

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The Lego Atari 2600 is on pre-sale in the US for around R$1,300 — Photo: Disclosure / Lego

The Atari version is inspired by the classic, which had a wood finish on the case. This model has been successful all over the world, including Brazil, because it is also different from other video game designs.

Lego’s Atari 2600 is official and licensed by the original console manufacturer, so fans can expect great fidelity. The console can be assembled from scratch according to the instruction manual that comes with the box and has a medium difficulty assembly depending on the brand.

Lego’s Atari 2600 comes with a controller and cartridges that simulate the real thing — Photo: Disclosure / Lego

The package also comes with controls, with classic joysticks, in addition to cartridges of Asteroids, Adventure and Centipede games, which are treated to some of the main Atari 2600 titles, each with themed decorations. It is also possible to activate a lever on the device to reveal a miniature replica of an 80s living room with a gamer sitting in front of the TV playing a classic console.

This is not the first video game or line of games released by LEGO. The company already created, for example, a buildable version of the NES, Nintendo, in 2020. This edition also came with a retro TV not from the Atari 2600 that displayed the graphics of the original Super Mario classics on its “screens”. “. The package also contained a cartridge and controls that simulated the real product.

The Lego NES launched in 2020 with a similar proposition — Photo: Disclosure/Lego

In addition, LEGO has its own lines of Super Mario, Sonic figures and sets, as well as themed video games with various characters from Marvel, DC Comics and diverse films such as Jurassic World, Star Wars or Harry Potter. These products, because they are older, are available in Brazil in specialized stores or in digital versions, in the case of games, for consoles and computers.

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