The app is now available for Xbox consoles

After months of testing, Microsoft announced this Tuesday (13) that Discord is available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S users. The company revealed in July this year that it was working with the app to improve the audio experience for gamers.


With the news, Xbox owners will be able to chat with other people using Discord, whether on their console, PC or mobile phone. Currently, the voice app is one of the most popular features in the gaming industry due to its simplicity and ease of connecting with players in voice chats.

Image: Play/Discord/Microsoft

On the other hand, the feature is not accessed directly from the console, requiring manual integration of an Xbox account with the app. For this, players will need the Discord mobile app, which will be used to connect the systems.

Additionally, players will also need the Xbox mobile app to use when starting a Discord call. If integration between applications has been done before, the configuration steps will need to be redone.

To configure this integration on mobile, you can do it through the Discord or Xbox app in a very simple way, just by accessing your profile in the respective apps. When you enter the voice channel, you can select the option to turn on the audio on the Xbox and connect.

So far, Discord’s availability on Xbox has focused on making voice calls, checking communities or private messages without using the voice app or the PC version. However, the merger promises future improvements, both in this regard and in the integration between systems.

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In February 2022, it was revealed that Sony was also testing Discord’s connections to PlayStation’s communication systems. However, for now, the scene is only available to certain players in certain regions.

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