The account on TikTok works with different ways of applying thermal paste

Does the Half-Life logo pattern work better or worse than the one that mimics the Discord symbol?

Anyone who has built a computer – or modified processors – has probably come across the classic question: What is the best way to apply thermal paste?? While some have the famous “line”, others recommend X patterns, circles and the famous central “bubble” that extends across the component.

Available on TikTok, The Mryeester channel does not attempt to answer which of these templates is the best, but it plays a lot with the capabilities offered by the cooling component. In a series of videos, he already played with mixing thermal paste with liquid metal and showed the best way to clean a “sticky” motherboard.

@mryeester’s reply to @osmankamal8 has passed since we made some thermal paste samples! #pc #pctips #pcbuilding #thermalpaste #mryeester ? original sound – mryeester

However, the content that attracts the most attention of the channel is “experiments” with different application standards. Is it more effective to use thermal paste with a pattern that mimics the Half-Life symbol or one that repeats the Discord logo? This question, which you’ve probably never asked yourself, is one of the few that tiktokers answer.

A feed helps you see the patterns that work best

The series of more than 60 videos created by Myeester (so far) may seem like a joke, but It also teaches good principles on how to build a computer. Using real glass plates and processors, it displays patterns that ensure the even application of thermal paste that users should always want.

@mryeester mixing liquid metal and thermal paste! #pc #pctips #pcbuilding #thermalpaste #mryeester ? Original Sound – Lonely Bunker

The channel also brings other curiosities about the computer world: did you know this? There are more possible combinations to make a modern computer than there are recorded stars? This is just one of the information that the TikTok channel provides to the techies.

If you’re only interested in using thermal paste, Mryeester also offers some interesting tips: Regardless of the pattern used, Always avoid concentrating cooling on the edges of your CPU. If the videos aren’t enough to satisfy your curiosity, be sure to check out our article with some tips on how to use the item to prevent damage to your device.

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