The 5 best indie games on the new PS Plus

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After all this, the society wanted a “Xbox Game Pass” on the platform SonyThe company finally listened to its most ardent fans and created a service worthy of the competition.

Since its launch, many great games can already be found in the catalog of the service SonyAnd to help you choose the right game for you, why not check out this list below?

Check out the 5 best indie games on the new PS Plus below:

a tramp

starting with tramp, The game that arrived on the service on launch day (19/07) and received many good reviews from both critics and players who subscribed to the service to be able to play. a tramp without additional costs.

a tramp is a third-person adventure game where you control a cat in a decrepit cyberpunk city inhabited only by robots and dangerous creatures. The game is available as a temporary exclusive PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5In addition to being available Pracha.

Image: Disclosure/Annapurna


In Celeste, you’ll help protanist Madeline face her inner demons on a journey to the top of Mount Celeste in this super-sharp platformer from the creators of Towerfall.

Celeste is very famous for having all of her art created by the MiniBoss studio, one of whose members is the talented Amora Bettany.

celestial |  The indie game will soon have free content
Image: Publicity / Matt Maks Games

hollow knight

In the best Metroidvania style, hollow knight It places you beneath the crumbling city of Dirtmouth, where an ancient kingdom sleeps in ruins. Many lurk beneath the surface, seeking riches, fame, or answers to ancient mysteries.

During your journey you will explore caves, ancient cities, fight creatures and even befriend strange insects, in addition to solving ancient mysteries in the heart of the kingdom.

Image: Disclosure/Team Cherry

external fields

external fields This is probably the most useless game on the entire list, as it only puts the player in the solar system for 22 minutes to explore before the local sun goes supernova and kills them.

The player is constantly replaying this 22-minute cycle learning details that can help change the outcome in later games, and the cool thing is that since you don’t have a progression system or skill tree, you can beat the game in just 22 minutes. Otherwise it takes 22 hours or more.

Image: Disclosure/Annapurna

dead cells

dead cells is more of a rogue-lite inspired by the classic Metroidvania genre he loves, but instead hollow knight Where you’ll discover numerous caves, here you’ll explore a vast and ever-changing castle.

To win the game, you have to master the fight against the ever-present threat of death without checkpoints, ie kill, die, learn and repeat.

Image: Publicity/Motion Twin

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