The 10 best Nintendo games of all time

Anyone who is into old video games knows that Nintendo is a classic. device Nintendo Entertainment System 8-bit Released in 1983, it competed in the space with other consoles of the same generation, such as the Sega Master System and the Atari 7800.

In terms of worldwide sales, Nintendo (NES or Nintendo, as he is known to his fans) emerged victorious. I could too: There are many NES games that became true classics of the 1980s and are still fondly remembered today.

If you’re part of the generation that spent hours playing Nintendo games, check out this list of the 10 best. games that were issued for this machine.

1. Legend of Ზelda (1987)

classic Legend of Ზelda is a great franchise that continues to produce games to this day. O the game Developed by the Nintendo Entertainment System itself, it had a modern design and opened up gameplay that would influence its sequels. It’s an adventure game that also explores RPG elements.

The first mission of the hero Link (who has pointy ears and looks like an elf) reinforced the idea that Gamers The very difficult challenges and adventures of the 1980s were so grand that it was quite difficult to calculate the size of this game. Without a doubt, we are here before one of the best games ever made for the NES.

two. Mega Man 2 (1988)

Mega Man 2by Capcom is a platform game in which the user has to navigate Dr. Willie. There are eight robot masters Mega Man 2And the player could choose the order, bringing a freedom not yet known in games of this era.

With each victory, Mega Man gained a new power that would make his life easier in other stages. Undoubtedly, A game Very daring for the decade in which it was created.

3. Super Mario Bros (1985)

Super Mario Bros It became synonymous not only with Nintendo, but with an entire generation of video games. This amazing game introduced a new way of playing: a side scrolling This brought a new and challenging world that required the player’s motor skills and intellectual ideas to be able to win.

In short, the story revolves around the various stages that the player goes through while traveling through the Mushroom Kingdom. The ultimate goal is to save Princess Peach from Bowser. Challenges are simplified with celebrity help amplifiers, such as Super Mushroom, Fire Flower and Starman.

After that came out game Launched in 1985, thousands of kids and adults have been hooked on the adventures of Mario and Luigi ever since, and video games have never been the same.

4. Castlevania 3 (1989)

Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse, by Konami, surprised many people with its advanced graphics that created an atmosphere of terror. It’s a non-linear adventure full of progression in its 16 stages that require the player to make choices that lead to different endings.

This idea will continue in history games: The more endings, the longer the life of the game to keep fans playing.

5. Ducktales (1989)

Maybe you remember the adventure DuckTales: The Adventure Hunters, which aired on SBT in the 80s. The stories of Tio Scrooge, Donald Duck and their nephews have also been adapted into video games, as is the case with this Nintendo game.

Presentation of this DuckTales It’s very faithful to the cartoon and exploring the non-linear storyline leads to alternate endings. And one of the world’s most beloved Disney characters, Scrooge McDuck, is as delightfully grumpy as we remember.

6. Super Mario Brothers 3 (one thousand nine hundred and ninety)

Obviously, the success of the Mario game would spawn new sequels in the series. and Super Mario Brothers 3 It’s special: he managed to improve something that was already very good. Heroes acquired new dimensions and game mechanics acquired new nuances.

this one game It is often hailed by critics as one of the greatest of all time. Plus, it’s so inventive that it’s hard to think of how it could be improved. It is no coincidence that it has sold more than 17 million units worldwide.

7. Turtle Ninjas (1989)

Hot among kids in the 1980s, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles also came to Nintendo. In this Turtle Ninjas Produced by Konami, it was very fun and challenging, set in the underworld (literally) that these ninjas inhabited. Players could choose from four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and had access to multiple views, with screen scrolling from top to bottom, bottom to top, and side scrolling.

8. Willow (1989)

Willow This is game According to the movie Willow – in the land of magicwhich was a hit in 1988. A story written by George Lucas (Dan Star Wars) was brought to the NES by Capcom and managed to get a lot of people to like it. The game drank from the formula that opened it Legend of ᲖeldaAnd it became more difficult as the player explored dungeons and collected magic spells.

9. Zombie Nation (1991)

Zombie Nation is one of the few games A game that explored the world of zombies. It can be said that this is a very creative game: the main character is a samurai head who has the power and needs to restore the sword to liberate the United States (!!). The premise may seem a little crazy, but the graphical capabilities of this shooter are a lot of fun.

10. Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team (1993)

And finally, let’s look at A game A very complete adventure. Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team, As the name suggests, it brings together three anthropomorphic frogs fighting sticks Along with two street fighters Double Dragon. O game Fighting brings style they beat (where the player has to hit multiple enemies at once) and adds a good dose of humor. The difficulty increases as the game progresses, giving players hours of enjoyment in this game developed by Rare.

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