The 10 best mods for Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Rekindled the passion of many for farming games, especially those who love the franchise harvest moon (now called A story of seasons) in the 1990s and 2000s. But one advantage is that it has been launched Pracha And having such a dedicated fan base is in the tens modifications Which makes the game even more interesting and fun.

Plus, nothing beats a few mods to have an excuse to live the farm life again, right!? Although it is difficult to choose a few of them, we have highlighted 10 of the best mods Stardew Valley. The full list can be found below!

1. Stardew Valley Expanded

For those who have always wanted to expand Stardew Valley, this is a great option.Source: Concerned Monkey/Reproduction

Our first mod offering is Stardew Valley Expanded, which actually serves as an expansion to the base game. It adds two new layouts for your farm, 27 new characters, 260 NPC events, 50 brand new locations to explore, and 27 additional fish. Additionally, many of the game’s normal locations have been re-rendered, and there are minor changes to festivals, quests, objects, and more. You can download content for free on Nexus Mod.

2. NPC map location

It’s very likely that you’ve already lost count of the number of times you’ve run through the map to find NPCs Stardew Valley, at least until you learn your routine. With the help of the NPC Map Location mod, you just need to open the game map to see an icon that shows where each character is at that moment. The mod can be found at Nexus Mod.

3. Farmer’s assistant

This mode is a good bet for those who always forget certain tasksThis mode is a good bet for those who always forget certain tasksSource: Concerned Monkey/Reproduction

since time immemorial Harvest Moon / The Story of the Seasons It is important to record some information about the seeds, especially not to plant on a day that would not allow more time to grow and harvest before the season changes. The Farmer’s Helper mod serves exactly this purpose by reminding you to put the animals in your barn or water and harvest before you go to bed. It is available in Nexus Mod.

4. Gift taste helper

Another valuable piece of information in farming games is each NPC’s personal taste for the items you can give away. Instead of trying it yourself or searching online, you can use the Gift Taste Helper. With this mode, simply open the interaction menu with NPCs, place the cursor over them and see the list of desired gifts. Overall, there are plenty of item options for each NPC, so you won’t be stuck with one or two options. You can download it from this link.

6. Farm expanded

This mode is recommended for those who want to farm with all possible advantagesThis mode is recommended for those who want to farm with all possible advantagesSource: Concerned Monkey/Reproduction

Those who have only played the original version of Stardew Valley may not know, but the game offers several different layouts for your farm these days. Each has benefits that make it difficult to choose between them. With Farm Extended mode, you get an additional layout that has all possible advantages in one map. This way, there will be a huge space for planting, all kinds of resources (stones, ores, wood, etc.) and a great place for your animals. The mod is on Nexus Mod.

5. Tractor Mod

It seems a little archaic that a farmer should plant, water and harvest his crops entirely by hand, especially on farms where the land is as vast as is available. Stardew Valley. This can be solved with the Tractor Mod, which allows you to purchase a tractor in the game. The thing can plow land, plant seeds, water and harvest crops, break rocks, remove weeds, and much more. The content can be found at this link.

7. Six winter harvests

This mod makes winter less boring with fresh seedsThis mod makes winter less boring with fresh seedsSource: Concerned Monkey/Reproduction

Although it is possible to use a greenhouse during the winter to plant all-season seeds, it would be interesting to find seeds suitable for this time of year. The Six Winter Crops mod only offers six seed options that you can freely plant in winter. This way, winter becomes less boring and you can spend your time in other ways than just searching for ores. You can download it at Nexus Mod.

8. Empty wife’s room

The idea of ​​your partner having their own space in their own home after the wedding is pretty cool, but in practice it means you’ll end up with a room in a style that has nothing to do with the rest of the house. With the Empty Spouse Room mode, this extra room will be empty and can be decorated to your liking. Of course, you can only post things that interest your partner’s personality, but everything should match well. The mod is free on Nexus Mod.

9. AutoAnimalDoors

I bet everyone has already forgotten to close their doors and left their pets out in the cold at nightI bet everyone has already forgotten to close their doors and left their pets out in the cold at nightSource: Concerned Monkey/Reproduction

This is a very good mod for players who always forget to open or close barn doors. It does this itself completely automatically, letting the animals in on sunny days and closing the doors at night or on rainy and snowy days. This results in one less daily chore and gives you more time to focus on other activities on the farm. AutoAnimalDoors is available in Nexus Mod.

10. Jump

Tired of walking around your fences just to get through the gate? The problem, which becomes even more annoying when you’re in a hurry, can be solved with Jump Over, a simple mode that lets you jump over fences. This way you can easily move around and decorate your farm with fences without worrying about practicality. Content is in Nexus Mod.

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