The 10 best anime games of all time

From the first video game consoles to the present day, there is no shortage of anime-inspired games to warm the hearts of die-hard otaku. With that in mind, we here at Voxel have highlighted for you the 10 best games ever to come straight from anime! But before starting the list, it is worth emphasizing a few criteria:

It’s imperative that the games in question come directly from the actual anime and not just be a title with a general anime-like aesthetic, so we’ll only have games based on famous works here! Additionally, we’ve chosen to only feature one title per anime, giving room for multiple series to shine. Check out our picks below!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

In addition to being an amazing manga and anime in its own right, Hirohiko Araki’s masterpiece became the basis for various characters in other fighting games such as Street Fighter and The king of fighters. Its original cast also shined in Capcom’s flawless fighting game released in 1998 on the CPS-3 board, then ported to the Dreamcast, PlayStation, and later Xbox 360 and PS3. If you want even more, we’re also getting a great remaster in 2022 JoJo’s All Star Battle ROne of the most praised fighting games in history!

Demon Slayer: The Chronicles of Kimetsu no Yaiba Hinokami

One of the most popular shounen of recent years, slayer of demons It also received a highly competent game from the hands of veteran CyberConnect2. Combining combat and action mechanics with beautiful graphics that are very faithful to the anime, the title was able to compensate well for adapting only the first arcs of the story and offering a lot of content for both single and multiplayer!

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

Here on the site, we have already compiled a list of the best games inspired by anime and manga one pieceAnd here we also emphasize how good the franchise is Pirate Warriors! While the fourth game has the best graphics and gameplay, it rushes or omits several essential story arcs, and the third game in the series works as a great summary of the adventures of Luffy and his crew, and this is your chance to play the Skypiea and Thriller Bark sagas. , which are omitted in the continuation:

Astro Boy Omega Factor

Although not a household name to young readers, Astro Boy is a very popular character in Japan and an integral part of local pop culture. On the Game Boy Advance, developer Treasure has released a real gem with this beat’em up, highly praised for its fun and varied visuals and gameplay! Worth playing even without knowing the character:

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Here on the site we have also prepared a list dragon ball Ranked worst to best by Metacritic. And at least this time, the critic was more than happy to set it up FighterZ Above, as Arc System Works has created not only a great fighting game, but also an aesthetically vibrant and impressive work, even looking like a real-time anime! Few games of this generation are as stunning in action:

Knights of the Zodiac: Soul of Soldiers

One of the most favorite series of Brazilians, Saint Seiya In the past and later generations, he lived a good phase that culminated The soul of soldiersA tasty mix of action, fighting, and even musou segments. Despite updating many ideas from Bravos Soldados, this game is a great fan service especially for Brazilians, as most of the original TV voice actors are back to reprise their iconic roles:

Attack on Titan 2

While most anime adaptations are content with mediocre stories that play it too safe, usually betting on uninspired fighting games, Shingeki not Kyojin Get a great duo of action games with truly creative mechanics! Immersive gameplay involves managing everything from your fuel to your blade’s stamina as you explore maps and take down fearsome titans in rich and challenging 3D battles:

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of Duelist Link Evolution

To add a little more variety to the genres listed and get even more out of the same action and combat, how about a little card game fun? For all of Konami’s problems with its other established franchises, at least Yu-Gi-Oh! He does a great job in management, as evidenced by this beautiful remaster of the classic Legacy of the Duelist!

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

If Cyberconnect2 Studio is very dear to those who love anime games, much of that is due to its beautiful work. Naruto in Ultimate Ninja Storm! Its formula was so good that it even inspired several acclaimed sequels, because besides the big battles, there were plenty of things you could do between missions to distract yourself and further immerse you in the world of the series. This is an essential work for anime lovers!

Jump Ultimate Stars

How about closing the list with a great meeting between Jump’s main characters? There are over 300 heroes and villains in total, 56 of which are playable! In addition to being a wonderful celebration of the release’s history, Ganbarion’s fighting game is also a lot of fun for its mechanics, making it one of the best games in the Nintendo DS library:

And those were our 10 nominations for great games directly inspired by successful anime, but there are still many more works worth knowing about, with great game-inspired franchises like discoloration and Fist of the North Star, for example. And remember that the list is not ranked and is just a suggestion for games that you can have fun with!

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