Tesla delays integration with Steam and bets on its own gaming platform

Tesla is investing heavily in making more games available on its entertainment system. This became even clearer in July with the possible integration with Steam, one of the largest platforms for digital games on the market.


However, the deadline for submitting a preview of the novelty set by Elon Musk has already passed. In July, the executive director of the car manufacturer announced that the first demonstration was planned for August, which did not take place.

The plan is to be able to run more games on Tesla EVs, which will significantly increase the currently available catalog. Even Musk is personally testing the idea, according to the executive’s tweet on Tuesday (13):

However, the CEO didn’t say anything about the new schedule or whether he’s considering spreading the news to more people through a software update.

Tesla is eyeing the gaming market

according to ElectricianTesla’s interest goes beyond just running Steam on its cars. The company also has a team of engineers working on expanding the list of games supported by its platform. Tesla Arcadewhich can already run titles like Cyberpunk 2077, Cat Quest, The Witcher 3, Cuphead, The Battle of Polytopia, Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and Missile Command.

Image: Tesla/Disclosure

For the idea to work, a new partnership with the studio would be needed to bring the games directly to your system.

Ultimately, the plan makes sense, given that Musk is reinforcing the idea that entertainment will be very important “when cars drive themselves,” hinting at the arrival of autonomous vehicles.

In preparation for this transition, the company may turn Arcade into a new side business, possibly offering paid plans based on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live.

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Console on wheels

Tesla also took advantage of the launch of the new Model S and Model X to announce its new in-vehicle gaming hardware. With 10 teraflops of processing and wireless controller support, the system basically offers the same as today’s consoles.

The leak indicates that the computer is powered by an AMD graphics card, the Navi 23 GPU, which is connected to two touchscreens for playing games and performing certain car functions.

To support more games, Musk also said the new system has more storage. according to video commandSome of the specs even match the PlayStation 5. Of course, Tesla will use this extra power to up the game for its customers.

Main image: Tesla/Disclosure

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