Termination of partnership between EA and FIFA leads to dismissal of support studios

At least 100 employees lost their jobs

End the partnership between Electronic art And FIFA, Which led to the creation of the EA SPORTS FC series brought bad news to several developers. Reports indicate this At least 100 EA Austin customer support staff have been fired after the company made the announcement publicly..

The emails obtained by Kotaku show that the company should not stop here and Already working on additional cuts at EA Galway, Located in Ireland. Most of the affected professionals worked on security FIFA 22 Live Activity SupportAnd there are reports that EA wants to fully outsource the service in the near future.

In a message sent by Joel Knutson, vice president of consumer experience, he said EA Austin was aiming to be fired “Reduce complexity and increase efficiency, flexibility and scaleFrom the publisher. In addition, he “offered an exaggeration” in the work done by EA Galway.

EA says the changes are not related to FIFA

In consultation with the matter, Electronic Arts said changes had been made to its staff It has nothing to do with ending the partnership with FIFA. However, there is evidence that most of the non-existent vacancies were filled by people who provided voice support to the players. FIFA 22.

The same source who consulted Kotaku said The company’s support department has been experiencing tensions for quite some timeThanks to the annual growth of no more Extra $ 0.10 During working hours. In a statement posted on the website, Charles Fortescu said that the company has always “Review the experience offered to playersAnd that he works closely with his team to reduce the negative impact on those who have been fired.

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FIFA will play the games with other partners after the end of the contract with EA

FIFA will play the games with other partners after the end of the contract with EA
The football-leading subject talks to other studios for the 2024 edition

While substantially reducing the number of employees supporting console and computer games; EA has just opened 10 vacancies to support mobile products – As much as possible to protest those who have just been released. It remains to be seen how the changes will affect the first chapter EA Sports FC That, though promised for 2023, There are not many official details yet..


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Source: Kotaku


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