TERA Classic, a new game based on the ‘defunct’ TERA, has been announced, but it’s not what you’d expect ⋆

A few days ago, fans of the classic MMORPG ღღ were able to follow the final conclusion of the adventure, and the fact is that many still regret the premature end. However, it seems that PlayPark decided to save the game and announced that the mobile version will be released soon. This news was called ღღ classicBut information has indicated that the gameplay will be very different from what the later TERA offered… Let’s get into the details shall we?

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At the special event was PlayPark (responsible for similar games flyff, RF online and Yulgang online) revealed that it is preparing to release new projects, one of which is called TERA Classic. According to initial reports, the game will indeed take players back in time, in which everyone can relive the adventures provided by the late TERA all over again. However, we will have some major changes and adjustments that shouldn’t appeal to more “old school” players. That is, the game will be adapted to the mobile segment and will receive resources for automatic play, not to mention that several elements will be “cut”.

So that’s it! As for the cuts, the information indicated that we will not have an open world and much of the gameplay will be replaced by automatic functions. In other words, TERA Classic should appeal to those who already enjoy mobile games and want to experience a different adventure. Of course, it’s too early to tell if the game will be enjoyed by more veteran players, but given how many people hate so-called “autoplay,” it’s a no-brainer to know that the launch will be marked. Some controversy. In any case, the fact is that TERA will rise from the ashes and we can only hope that the “new game” is good.

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