Ten free games in 2022

Anyone with a PS5 can enjoy the series of titles on the PS Store without paying anything. And no, we’re not talking about the PS Plus collection, but the games offered to the public for free.

Whether it’s 3D platformers, RPGs or shooters, there are plenty of alternatives to grab your attention. With that in mind, the team MeuPlayStation Choose ten options to enjoy without investing a penny.

10 free games on PS5 in 2022

autumn boys

The latest game to go free on PS5 is autumn boys. Battle royale forces players to complete a series of challenges in a sort of gymkhana where “jellies” must compete for the crown.


Fortnite It’s an interesting proposition even for those who ventured into the early seasons and weren’t big fans of buildings built in seconds. Besides being free, the game now has non-building modes and has interesting mechanics like running and sliding.

Fortnite with Darth Vader, Indiana Jones and other characters

Knockout City

Do you like playing dodgeball? Knockout City There’s another alternative for PS5 owners to enjoy without investing anything – unless they’re interested in skins and other cosmetic packs. The goal in the gameplay is to knock down opponents with balls – it is possible to “turn” into a ball to hit the opponent.

Knockout City

Apex Legends

EA continues to release new champions Apex Legends To make the game interesting. An enhanced PS5 version has just been released, so it’s worth checking out and getting into Battle Royale – maybe a second chance for those who dropped out of the action at some point.

Apex Legends game cover image with characters on the right

Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty fans get new franchise titles every year, but they always will war zone Back when they don’t want to invest in the latest game in the series. Battle royale now has several diverse maps to enjoy with friends.

Call of Duty Warzone


Hack’n Slash wouldn’t be bad on this list either, right? Well, here is an invitation to test fearless. If you don’t dare to hunt creatures in this action RPG game, invite the boys because it’s multi-platform and can keep you entertained for hours with its co-op gameplay.


Rocket League

Motor football is still on the rise. Like the other free games above, it continues to receive frequent updates and has an active fan base. The game is currently running 120 FPS on PS5 And there is Season 6 with a series of unreleased content.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master duel

Whether or not this was nostalgia induced by the PS1 title, we’ll never know, but Yu-Gi-Oh! Came back strong with Master Duel. There are already more than 30 million players Fun in an anime-based card game.

The cover of Yu-Gi-Oh!  Master duel.

Genshin influence

Another free PS5 game is an RPG Genshin influence. Now, Teyvat is even more “detailed, vivid and immersive” on Sony’s latest console – running in 4K and supporting HDR.

Genshin Impact characters and logo

Astro’s Game Room

You can’t leave a game installed on PS5 off this list, don’t you agree? Astro’s Game Room It’s quite a journey through the PlayStation generations for long-time fans of the brand.

Astro's Playroom - PlayStation characters

Did you like our list? Can you suggest any other free PS5 game entry options? Comment!

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