Tell us: Which game appealed to you the most?

It is undeniable that games are a part of our lives. It might even be impossible to remember and count all the games we’ve played over the years (or not that many). But, of course, everyone has their favorite. The game that marked you deeply. Be well built for the story. or charismatic characters. or to return to the past.

And today’s “Tell Us About It” asks for just that! Which game appealed to you the most?? I’m starting!

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Crash Bandicoot tastes like childhood

In my case, it was a trilogy Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot, 1996 | Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, 1997 and Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, 1998), released for PSOne.

And that’s why it brings me back to my childhood. Not that the game isn’t good. Conversely, the three original Crash games developed by Naughty Dog are great!

I remember at that time my parents couldn’t afford me a video game. So I had to go to the good old video store “Aunt Laelia”. Literally, all the money I took was for 1 hour of gaming at the video store.

Crash 1, as we called it, was the hardest. Especially for those who wanted to beat the game 100% like me. I also didn’t have the money to buy a memory card. And one advantage of Crash 1 is that you didn’t need to save your progress. Just type in the passwords the game gives you. The next time you go to play, simply enter the code and resume the game where you left off.

Crash 2 was the most disappointing for me. It had many secret passages and “gotchas” that were literally impossible to discover on your own. How could a child imagine that the nitro ladder was fake and led to a secret level? I’ll admit that finishing Crash 2 with all the crystals and gems I had to refer to the Wreckhead logs. who remembers

In the end, Crash 3 was the most “good”. The difficulty wasn’t comparable to Crash 1 and the title didn’t have as many “gotchas” as Crash 2. So it was relatively easy to beat the game by 106%. But new mechanics like the bazooka made the game even more fun.

An outstanding game of modern times

The new generation of consoles impressed me the most The last among them. It took me a while to play it. I just went for the fun even on PS4. And it was a fantastic experience!

The last among them

The story of the game is well developed. After all, there are dozens of games about zombies or post-apocalyptic worlds. Yet again, Naughty Dog has done a masterful job here. The story is constructed and told in such a way that it completely captures your attention! It’s almost like watching an interactive movie!

The work goes from an action game to a A road movie very easily. All this while caring more and more about Joel and Elise. Speaking of characters, the game is also outstanding because of them. Each character, even the minor ones like Tess, Tom, Bill, Henry and many others, have their own personalities, conflicts and depths.

And I can’t forget the soundtrack! Just remembering it makes me shudder. Sometimes when I’m driving at night, I like to roll down the windows, put on this soundtrack and enjoy. Anyway, The Last of Us only has positive points! And every now and then I feel like playing again. I hope the people at HBO do a good job with the series.

What is your most memorable game?

Now I want to hear from you! What is your most memorable game?? Answer here in the comments and let’s talk about it a bit.

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