Tell us: What is your computer’s video card?

Today “Conta lá pra gente” wants to know: What is the video card of your computer? Currently, with several options and prices from manufacturers, it is common to have a greater variety of uses, even here in Brazil.

What are the pros and cons of the card you are using? Are you planning to change it soon? Tell us in the comments and let’s talk about it a bit!

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The value of the video card

A video card is an essential component of many computer activities, but they can vary in their capabilities. Most of the most basic computers have integrated video cards, which have a more limited capacity, but are sufficient for those who use the device for study, work and light activities.

For those who like to play games or work with heavier tasks such as image and video editing, it is important to invest in a good dedicated video card with the ability to get the job done.

Also known as a GPU, when it is integrated, it is already built into the motherboard and therefore cannot be upgraded or replaced. Dedicated graphics cards are more powerful and can be upgraded as needed.

Among them are those that are considered entry-level, intermediate and the most powerful, and for those who play this, it can be very important to run heavier games or guarantee the maximum resolution. However, they are not exactly cheap, so unfortunately not everyone can guarantee the most powerful versions.

what is your video card

video card

In my case, I have a gaming notebook and the video card is a GeForce GTX 1650, which is not exactly a premium card, but since it is a great option that combines performance and cost-effectiveness, it serves me very well. I’ve never had any problems running any games with it, even if some don’t run at the highest resolution.

Remember that there are other components that are also important in these aspects, not just the video card.

Is the video card a priority component in your computer? what model are you using Does it fit your needs well? This experience can help readers who are researching a model to buy, after all, nothing better than knowing the evaluation of those who already use it, right?

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