Tekken 8 is being made from scratch in Unreal Engine 5, says Harada

The last revelation Tekken 8 time State of the game This last Tuesday (13) attracted attention especially for its schedule. and it’s no accident Because the game is produced from scratch in Unreal Engine 5Bandai Namco managing director Katsuhiro Harada confirmed in an interview with IGN on Thursday.

According to the director, the development team works closely with Epic Games to optimize the game, especially when responding to player commands, which is fundamental in fighting games. It also emphasizes that graphic quality is definitely one of the focuses Tekken 8 And it draws parallels with other franchise releases that have also been successful.

“[…] Graphics are obviously what we focus on. I know it sounds trivial, but if you look at the franchise and see where they got it right, like Tekken 3 on the PSOne and maybe Tag Tournament on the PlayStation 2, there were different modes and gameplay that people liked, but One of the important aspects has always been the kind of graphics that people have come to expect from new hardware. And not just from a certain segment or audience of the public, but from PlayStation fans in general, from casual gamers to fighting game enthusiasts. It was all about the graphics first.”– says Harada.

“In the days of the PSOne, just the polygonal gameplay of the time and the display of its technology was something that drove the audience to the game. And we feel that after all these years, that’s something that hasn’t changed.”he added.

Source: Disclosure / Bandai Namco

During the conversation, though he couldn’t confirm many details, Harada hinted that the team is open to having guest characters from other franchises attend, which was one of the highlights. Tekken 7.

It also highlights how the story leads to a new conflict between father and son and mentions Kazuya and Gin – who now has more control over the demonic blood coursing through his veins.

Despite this, Rollback netcode support is not yet confirmed as it is still very early days. The technology has been in constant demand in the fighting game scene, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, as it enables more responsive and quality online matches.

Tekken 8 It remains without a release date and is in the works for PC, PS5 and Xbox series.

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