Team Fortress 2 is getting a new update with bug fixes and server improvements

Valve continues to answer calls from players concerned about the state of the game

Public protest Team Castle 2 succeeded and as a result A New official update for the gameReleased last Thursday (7). The update comes in approx. A month after the previous game updatewhich was intended to fix some of the server and bot abuse issues that were hampering multiplayer matches.

Among the news prepared by Valve for this week Several fixes aimed at ending exploits and ensuring game stability – the details of which have not been made public. The company also introduced new commands for server operators that Can hit players whose processors take too long to process packets.

Commands also allow Get full server stats and completely disable drop damage between players – Click here for details. The rest of the fixes for Team Fortress 2 focus on providing more match stability, adjusting animations and hitboxes for models, and making sure transparencies and cosmetics work properly.

Team Fortress 2 is slowly being fixed

The valve is also made Fixes to allow spectators to be kicked out of a match, displaying bots name correctly and improving title localization. Arena mode will take advantage of the guarantee that players Can’t join matches until the end and blocks for kills made by people not affiliated with the team.

All updates are there Team Fortress 2 is the result of months of community protest, which included demonstrations on game forums and social networks, as well as posting messages on specialized sites. Although the game is often among the top 10 players on Steam, Valve hasn’t updated it in yearswhich allowed bots to take over their servers.

– Continues after commercial –

The headliner returned to spotlight it in May of this year, when he posted an update saying he was “listening” to the community’s requests. up to the moment It’s unclear what level of support Valve will provide for competitive FPSBut it’s quite positive to see that the public’s demands were not simply ignored.


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Via: PC Gamer Source: Valve


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