Team Fortress 2 is alive! Valve releases the first update after a fan protest

Complaints from game fans began in May, and Valve promised changes

In May of this year, a lot of fans Team Castle 2 The campaign started # SaveTF2Well that Valve Take a look at the game community and solve some of the problems that kill the title. The main complaint – apart from the lack of support and correction – is the existence of “bots” that are 100% correct and that matches can not entertain players.

Also in May, Valve Responding to the players’ protest, he said: TF2 Society, you hear me! We love this game and we know you will love it too. We see how big this problem is and we are working to improve the situation. “Which brought hope to the battles and problems in the game.

The update brought several fixes to the game, eliminating many flaws that allowed in-game actions that damaged fair play. Some animation issues have also been fixed in this update. Check for major changes in the new update.

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  • Fixed an exploit related to clearing the text chat in the game
  • There was an exploit where players could use sv_cheats on secure servers
  • An exploit was observed in which players could return teleportation to their own spawn by changing the load / class when touching the restricted entrance gate of the second team.
  • Fixed an exploit with Huntsman where the player could change the boot to cancel the gear debug at boot
  • Fixed an exploit with Ap-Sap where players could send spam votes
  • An exploit was observed where dispensers could cure through glass on some maps
  • Fixed an exploit where a spy could disguise himself and create an invisible bullet-proof shield on his feet
  • Fixed slow animations of Halloween bosses, skeletons, ghosts and other creatures
  • Captured as a spy using an incorrect disguise weapon when disguising himself as a soldier, pirate, heavyweight, or engineer without a member of the same class on the opposing team.
  • Fixed shells sometimes collide with teammates too early / late
  • Possibility to change names during matchmaking game
  • Fixed some HUD images that became blurry when using low texture settings
  • Fake spy killings were reported when a dead bell did not appear in the status bar of the matchmaker’s fast team
  • Fixed% killername% and other replacement names that occasionally appear on killcam and statistics screens
  • The ability to send shutdown reasons to clients for servers is re-enabled
    • Added ConVar net_disconnect_reason to use the reason for the shutdown sent by the client
  • Removed Headgear option Mann Co. Catalog
  • Updated voting system
    • Both teams can make a shot sound at the same time
    • A global vote can occur simultaneously as a strike vote
    • Observed, sometimes, inability to vote on maps at the end of the round
  • Updated El Fiestibrero model to solve a problem Updated / added several tournament medals
  • Updated localization files

I liked the update Team Castle 2? What improvements would you like Valve To do in the game? Share your opinion in the comments!

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