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39-year-old professor Thiago Dias decided to combine his two passions: mathematics and RPGs. [a sigla significa ‘Role-playing Game’, em inglês, e ‘Jogo de Interpretação de Personagens’, em português]. The goal is to make the subject easier and fun for students. from Professor Suetônio Bittencourt Junior Public School in Santos, on the coast of Sao Paulo.

that g1Diaz said As a teenager, he realized that RPGs and math would help him develop his reasoning and creativity. So when the students themselves came up with an idea, the teacher didn’t have to think twice about implementing it. As Teacher’s Day is celebrated this Saturday (15), he said he always tries to be a “good example” for students and encourage them to their fullest.

According to a professional, an RPG is about gathering a group of people to tell a story, handled by a specific player called a “master.” In the game, everyone controls their own character, who needs to solve problems. In order to know whether you will be successful in your choice, you must use the data and follow the previously established rules.

“The feedback from the people who participate is very visible. They feel more confident in the lessons. I had students who were struggling with maths, basic addition, multiplication, division and subtraction. Now, when they play, they become more. They are confident because they are so They’re in an environment where if they make a mistake, they don’t have a problem, just fix it and keep playing.”

The project takes place outside the classroom. The professor also said some students are “in anticipation,” excited to participate. According to Dias, the main goals are based on the fact that students feel integrated in the school and, in addition, they can share knowledge with their colleagues. He also adds that the method encourages more shy adults to socialize.

It is possible to learn mathematics in an easier and fun way for everyone”, says the teacher.

This Teacher’s Day, Thiago Diaz, 39, said he always tries to be a good example to his students – Photo: Personal Archive

according to days Math is at every point of the game, and students want to understand the results. Therefore, they end up doing math faster in “practice”. Also according to the professor, Matches also stimulate collectivity.

that g1Diaz cited one of the episodes in which the students surprised him. “A group of five players won a prize of 33 gold coins. They have to split up, and that’s okay, because there’s no one ‘right way.’ [no jogo]. They decided to divide it equally and gave each of them six coins. The other three decided to pool them together to buy something that everyone could use.

The teacher added that the project helps the student to realize that at any time in life, when they can use mathematics, it is possible to achieve more interesting and effective performance.

Thiago Diaz, 39, decided to combine two passions: mathematics and RPG — photo: personal archive

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