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A Chinese television producer at a conference in Poland TCL Announced its news for the coming years. Among the innovations presented, a line of possible panels was prepared PS5 Pro This is New Xbox Series X With more performance. At first glance, the company believes that the successors of the current generation of video games may hit the market from 2023 to 2024.

TCL believes PS5 Pro and more powerful Xbox Series X may be released in 2024 (Image: Playback / Twitter)

The PS5 Pro and the new Xbox Series X | S will be part of it “Generation 9.5” – A fictitious name invented by TCL. Thanks to the powerful technology of the future graphics card RX 7700XTFrom AMD, these consoles will be able to transfer graphics at native 4K resolution at 120 frames per second, with the option to increase to 8K.

For comparison, the current PS5 and Xbox Series X feature video card equivalents RX 6700XT, Also made by AMD and displays games at a resolution of 1440 pixels at 120 frames per second. 4K images of this generation of consoles are created by magnification.

It should be noted that these are supposedly “9.5 generation” consoles only TCL Assumptions. The manufacturer itself has confirmed that everything is nothing more than the company’s forecasts for the future. There is no official information or other rumors indicating the existence of successors to the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

It is likely that the manufacturer was based on a previous generation strategy by Sony and Microsoft. THE “Generation 8.5”Consists of PS4 Pro And Xbox One X, Launched in 2017 – four years after the release of the original versions of the eighth generation video games. Since both the PS5 and Xbox Series X debuted in 2020, it makes sense to expect a 2024 update.

TCL forecasts have stirred the public

Although it was just ideas for the future, TCL’s predictions managed to excite the gaming community in anticipation of new consoles. A post has been posted on Twitter showing a photo of a Chinese manufacturer’s presentation 7 thousand interactions In about six hours.

Among the comments were not only people who were excited about possible new consoles, but also users who tried to explain that the presentation only showed assumptions.

It is important to remember that electronics companies are still experiencing a chip crisis. People still find it difficult to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X for the production of video game parts. As long as the situation is like this, new devices should not appear soon.

Info: PlayStation Lifestyle.

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