Taxes on games have already been reduced 4 times, but have prices actually fallen?

Under Jair Bolsonaro’s (PL) government, gaming taxes have already been cut four times, most recently in July. But have prices actually fallen?

According to the perception of players and professionals related to the segment being consulted slope, the government’s initiatives did not have this result. On the contrary, values ​​have increased.

There are several reasons for the price increase. In part, due to the rise of the dollar in recent years; but also because of the shortage of circuits that affected the global electronics market after the covid-19 pandemic; and with shortages of products such as the PlayStation 5 (also due to the supply chain crisis).

A pre-election game?

In Brazil, tax has been reduced from 16% to 12% on spare parts and accessories, except for games. For video games with attached or unattached screens and related parts, the figure was 16% zero.

for the economist Yvonne Gaillard, tax cuts can be considered an election strategy. “Who enjoys this type of game is the young population, in which Bolsonaro’s government does not have good access. So it is clear that this is an electoral measure to get votes,” he believes. Gaillard.

Influencer Skorpion Gamer, a YouTuber with more than 5.6 million subscribers, is one of those who will see prices rise despite the tax drop.

“My view as someone who buys games every day is that the prices have gone from the standard R$180, R$190, R$350. There are games that reach R$600. I haven’t felt a drop in value and yes , growth because the gaming industry had other expenses. For us here in Brazil, it takes a lot,” Skorpion analyzes.

Influencer and YouTuber Skorpion Gamer notices game prices rising even with tax cuts

Image: Personal archive

Interest in PS4 has increased

Designer Gabriel Diniz, 29, also realizes that games have never been more expensive, which is even a joke in the gaming community.

“You hear a lot about price and tax cuts by the current government, but new games in the R$300 range continue to launch and we know that’s not an economic reality. [para os brasileiros]“.

Vinicius de Moura Alves, manager of Cut Games, a retailer specializing in video games, said the tax cuts were good for 2021 as prices fell on the new generation PS5 and Xbox Series S/X.

“Last fall of this year, unfortunately, we didn’t see the result due to the shortage of the last generation of consoles, so the prices have not yet come down. [o interesse] On previous generation consoles like PS4 and Xbox One,” Alves explains.

Another important factor is the demand for equipment on the second-hand market, which also contributes to the fact that tax incentives have no practical impact.

“I considered buying in the United States”

Civil engineer Caio Valdir, 25, considered buying a PS5 because of the high prices at the time in the United States.

“I changed my video game a few months ago (I had a PS4 and bought a PS5) and I did some research beforehand to find a cheap place to buy it because the prices here in Brazil are very expensive.”

Because there was no place to accept it in the US, the online purchase plan was canceled. The solution was research in Brazil, but the cost prevented it.

The engineer remembered that he knew of a store in Santa Ifigenia that bought old video games for a discount on new ones. He had to hand over his Nintendo Switch, worth R$3,500, as part of the payment for the PS5, which cost R$5,400. He only paid the difference of R$1900.

“It was an opportunity with the very high prices we’ve had here. I saw that they lowered the tax on video games, but I didn’t feel the difference when I bought a new one,” he says.

PlayStation manages to keep prices down

Tilt-affiliated Sony showed a decrease in values ​​on the PlayStation after the first three IPI (Industrial Product Tax) cuts.

August 2019 – First IPI reduction

  • PS4 – From 2599 BRL to 2399 BRL
  • PS4 Pro – From 2999 BRL to 2799 BRL
  • Game station VR – BRL 2,799 to BRL 2,599
  • Dualshock 4 controller – From 259 BRL to 249 BRL

November 2020 – Second IPI reduction

  • PS5 with media input – From 4,999 BRL to 4,699 BRL
  • PS5 digital version – From 4499 BRL to 4199 BRL
  • DualSense control – From BRL 499 to BRL 469
  • HD camera – From BRL 449 to BRL 419

August 2021 – the third IPI reduction

  • PS5 with media input – BRL 4,699 4,399.90
  • PS5 digital version – BRL 4,199 for 3,899.90
  • PS4 – From 2799.90 BRL to 2599.90 BRL
  • DualSense Control White – From BRL 469.90 to BRL 439.90
  • DualSense Cosmic Red controller – From BRL 499.90 to BRL 469.90
  • DualSense Midnight Black controller – From BRL 469.90 to BRL 439.90
  • HD camera – From BRL 419 to BRL 389.90
  • DualShock 4 Jet Black controller – From BRL 299.90 to BRL 279.90
  • DualShock 4 color controller – From 319.90 BRL to 299.90 BRL

slope Also invited Microsoft (responsible for Xbox) to present its values, but the company did not reveal. Nintendo, which is responsible for the Switch, does not have an official presence in Brazil with a uniform pricing policy.

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