Tavern Online is a Brazilian MMORPG inspired by Tibia and other games of this genre

The title will have a closed beta in August

Independent game production continues at full steam in Brazil. Tavern Online is a free-to-play MMORPG that harkens back to the genre’s heyday The game style and visuals are heavily inspired by the classic Tibia. The game will be released later this year and will have Closed beta in August.

The developers guarantee that the game is produced in Brazilian Portuguese for better understanding of the game dialogues, quests and story. Although visually similar to Tibia, in addition to the classics, games such as Ragnarok, Ultima Online, Diablo, Lineage, Albion and more are the inspiration for The Tavern Online.

The game takes place on a continent called Pandora, and by waking up monsters that were previously dormant, you have to find out what’s going on. This will be done in St Over 100 quests, 300 different monsters and 4 types of classes with a total of 8 subclasses with their specialties. The developers guarantee that each class will be “completely different from the other”.

After starting as a rookie, you’ll be able to choose between Warrior, Ranger, Sorcerer, and Celestial. If you choose to be a warrior, for example, then you can choose between Fighter and Paladin. Depending on your choice, you may still be able to specialize that particular class. This happens in all four classes.

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Main features of Tavern Online

  • Trading is done entirely by players (NPCs only trade basics)
  • Cultivation system (plantations)
  • Breeding system (breeding animals for different uses)
  • Differentiated mounting system (player made)
  • Differentiated fishing system
  • Material collection system (wood, leather, ores, etc.)
  • Forgery system
  • crafting system
  • Castle War System (which favors guilds that dominate castles)
  • Automatic loot system (fully user-friendly and customizable)
  • Talent point system (points used to improve characters)

Brazilian indie God-Machine is a roguelike cyberpunk with a metal sound

“The game was not about ‘pay to win’, but about fun and gameplay! We tried to combine reality with the best gameplay, which is a prime example of this, reading is as easy as looting”, – said the developers. .

Something interesting that the game will bring about item looting is that humanoid enemies such as goblins, orcs, humans, among others, will “drop” coins and items that can be used as weapons. For example, rats and dragons drop their body parts on failure, not money or weapons, as is often the case in many RPGs.

As mentioned earlier, there will be a closed beta in August. If you want to learn more about The Tavern Online, head over to the official website (which is still under construction) and the game’s Discord.


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