Taking advantage of next-gen features also contributed to game delays, says an Xbox exec

then COVID-19, we’re starting to see some noticeable lag in games. Virtually the vast majority of the 2022 games have been postponed! To tell the truth, the development problems started The beginning of the pandemic, but it appears to be peaking in 2022, with several AAA titles pushed to next year. at PAX West, Matthew Boothof Xbox, was asked about this very topic and whether or not COVID is indeed to blame for all of these recent delays.

as you can see virus Not entirely guilty. Booty discusses A few other problems Contributing to the game’s delay, the transition to next-gen consoles is still a problem for developers nearly two years after its launch.

“The teams really came together and found a lot of great ways and there was actually a lot of innovation around that. [trabalhar com o COVID]”.

“We are still at the forefront of next generation consoles. Teams are still working out things like ray tracing.”

The Xbox exec then discusses CPUs in next-gen consoles and how developers They are still getting to know each other By shifting power from GPU-centric consoles like the Xbox One to current CPU-heavy systems like the Xbox Series X and S.

“We’ve spent 5 or 10 years figuring out how to optimize things for the GPU, ‘we want to put all the work on the graphics card and let the graphics card do all the work.’ Simulation – and even some graphical workloads – are definitely more on the CPU side.

So now we have teams trying to back up and figure out “what am I going to pass to the CPU, how do I balance those two things.” We are still fighting.”

So while console architectures are becoming less complex over time, development teams still struggle to transition to next-generation development, including bringing in features like ray tracing, without hiccups.

Currently, Xbox Game Studios does not use ray tracing on a large scale, but that should change. Forza Motorsport Scheduled for release in spring 2023 by Turn 10 Studios, which is working on “real-time ray tracing on the track”; First for the series.

It should be noted that Microsoft’s upcoming games such as Redfall, Starfield and Forza Motorsport are designed for the new generation of consoles and that’s what they need to take advantage of, so they want to take advantage of the new tools to get the best results.


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