Taijuan Walker and Bullpen dominate the Coors Field for the Mets

Denver – The Metals have a sheet-scrolling mentality for one very good reason: “Nobody cares about the past,” explained Francisco Lindor. “We have to do it today.”

This is a feature that serves them well.

Lindor broke a goalless game in the sixth innings with a single, Taijuan Walker and three riders teamed up in six shots, while the Meeters extended their call-up streak after losing when they defeated the Colorado Rockies 2-0 on Sunday.

The Metz lost their second game in a two-game match on Saturday, which is why they won the franchise’s best 14th game since losing. Taking two out of three, New York also won its 11th series this season.

“It’s a pretty stable mental team,” said Metz manager Buck Showalter. “They do not fall into that sky. They do not live in that world. I hope this continues. ”

It was not a good day for the plate rockers, who closed the field against San Diego for the first time since August 31, 2020.

Walker (2-0) was a big reason for all those zeros that were posted on the board. He had complete control over seven-star innings, scattering five shots and striking six. Adam Otavino, Joel Rodriguez and Edwin Diaz completed it. Diaz picked Brian Serven and picked 10 numbers.

“I just know what pitches work here,” Walker said.

Basically, its curve, fast ball and splitter. Just do not read the fact that it has a 2.03 ERA Coors Field with five starts. He does not enjoy playing here.

“I do not think anyone is doing that,” he snapped.

Metz gave Walker the support of the entire run, which he needed in the sixth. Brandon Nimo performed a single that crossed the legs of right-back Randall Grychuk, thus taking Nimo to third place. Lindor missed the single on the left and after a soft double by Jeff McNeill, Pete Alonso brought another mileage to the ground-out.

“It came back to us, of course,” Rockies manager Bad Black said of the mistake.

Austin Gomber (2-4) threw seven effective innings in the longest game of the season. He allowed two runs, seven hits and two hits.

Chris Bassitt and Metz avoided an arbitration hearing and agreed on a $ 8.65 million one-year contract that includes an optional year.

The 33-year-old Basit is guaranteed $ 8.8 million in a deal in which he and the team have a $ 19 million two-way option for 2023 that has a $ 150.00 ransom if it is not implemented.

Right, who was the all-star of Auckland in 2021, Basit is 4-2, 2.77 in eight starts for the Mets, with 49 shots and 13 feet with 48 ⅔ innings.

He was acquired on March 12 for small league right-wingers JT Jean and Adam Oller.

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