System Shock: A Bioshock-inspired remake of the ’90s classic reveals stunning trailer

Nightdive claims that the remake has already entered the final polishing acceptance phase.

Released in 1994 by Studio Looking Glass, System shock And its sequel turned out to be incredibly influential over the next few years, inspiring games like Bioshock, Offended And Computer game Deus Ex, Among many others. More than two decades after its launch, Producer Warren Spector is back in the game working on his remakeWho won an impressive trailer at the time PC Gaming Show 2022.

Maintain the same atmosphere of space terror in the original game! The remake is achieved over two decades to provide the latest visuals and a more immersive environment.. Spector said Nightdive Studios (responsible for the project) intended to update the gameplay so as not to lose what made the original game so special.

This is confirmed by the developer The System Shock remake is already in a fairly advanced state of production, But a release date has not yet been announced. Spector acts as a development process consultant and argues that he was surprised by how much the project has achieved. Keep the spirit of the original game.

The remake has entered the polishing phase

You can play from beginning to end, all weapons and enemies are on the ground and working“- explained the Business Development Director of Nightdive, Larry Cooperman, PC Gamer Website. “What remains to be done is what we call “polishing”. Our goal is to publish a version as close to perfection as possible.“.

Spectrum says it is unclear how the current audience can receive System Shock as Many have not played the original versionWhile experimenting on games that took advantage of his influence. For him, The greatest quality of the game remains with the mix of genres. “It was not a pure RPG game, it was not a pure horror game. He took elements from all of them and mixed them together to create something that looked and in many ways was really new.He explained.

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The director of the original game also explained this The best improvement of the remake is made in its interface, Which has become much more intuitive and easy to understand. There is no release date yet, the game has been confirmed for PC only and Interested parties can try out the demo offered by Nightdive Studios on Steam.


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Source: PC Gamer


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