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Game companies’ fight against piracy isn’t new, but it keeps coming back and forth, something new always popping up. The product of the moment is Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection, announced during Gamescom 2022. This technology promises to insert codes into games, significantly breaking emulation on PCs. Interestingly, none of these came from Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch OLED (Image: Vitor Pádua/Tecnoblog)

In order to protect the intellectual properties of developers and publishers, anti-piracy actions are always emerging.

Denuvo, the company known for offering DRM protection on PC, has announced that it will make a new product available for Switch titles. Thus, “the technology integrates seamlessly into the construction of the tool chain without affecting the gaming experience. It then allows checks to be inserted into the code, which blocks the game on emulators.”

In addition to sales, of course, the company’s goal is to help the most diverse studios, as this makes it possible to increase revenue during the launch window. Do not forget that this is the most important period in terms of game monetization.

At Denuvo, we understand that piracy has a negative impact on the gaming industry, and we work with industry stakeholders to provide them with the latest protection technologies available. Our team is excited to come up with a solution that will help developers and publishers address the issue of Nintendo Switch piracy.

Reinhard Blaukovich, Director of Denuvo

according to KotakuDenuvo has confirmed that Big N has no involvement with this new DRM in Switch games. The initiative came from other publishers and studios, the company’s customers. In addition, the company said that the protection will not affect the performance of the games at all.

Finally, the statement guarantees that the product will not depend on online verification. “We know that the Nintendo Switch is a mobile console and therefore has limited online capabilities, so we designed our solution to be completely offline, without the need to check the network.

It should be remembered that Nintendo is looking for legal alternatives when faced with piracy on its consoles. Proceedings and “cease and desist” requests are the most common Kyoto firm actions.

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