Susim Festival! Steam’s Halloween sale brings some spooky games

The games will be on offer until November 1st.

The new promotion is available at Steam to commemorate Halloween, there are several options for titles with horror and suspense. The games selected for the promotion will be available on the platform at a discount until November 1.

Among the main games in the list, we can mention several games from the franchise Resident Evil, hollow knight little nightmares, phasmophobia, dead by day, plus many others.

Some games that are exclusive to consoles Sony and Microsoft Also on offer Days Gone and Ghostwire Tokyo There are examples from Sony, while State of Decay 2 Juggernaut Edition is one of the Xbox exclusives on consoles that is on sale.

The best offers of the Halloween festival

Below you can see the main offers we selected, you can check all the games on sale directly on the Steam page or through the app.

match discounted value
Thymesia BRL 59.92
V lifting BRL 30.39
little nightmares BRL 29.99
GTFO BRL 56.24
Phasmophobia BRL 22.31
A native village of evil BRL 104.92
in the dead of day BRL 19.99
Cult of the Lamb BRL 51.96
Resident Evil 3 BRL 41.97
Resident Evil 2 BRL 41.97
Project Zomboid BRL 25.45
forest BRL 9.49
Resident Evil 7 biological threat BRL 33.45
gone days BRL 79.96
Death Stranding: Director’s Cut BRL 23.99
Ghostwire Tokyo BRL 104.50
hollow knight BRL 13.99
in the carcass BRL 15.19
State of Decay 2 Juggernaut Edition BRL 37.11
evil within BRL 9.99
Evil Within 2 BRL 23.25
Psychonauts 2 BRL 124.50
Doom 3 BRL 15.80

Steam has changed its recommended prices in Brazil and other regions

In addition to the new promotion, another innovation that Steam recently introduced was a change in recommended prices for game prices, which makes games that use the company’s recommendation more expensive, you can see all the details here.

Enjoyed the deals on the Steam Store? Which games are you going to buy this Halloween? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Steam is raising its recommended prices and games will be more expensive in Brazil
Argentina and Turkey are among the countries whose value increased by 536%


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Source: Steam


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