Super Mario Odyssey gets what almost every game gets wrong

It’s no secret that Super Mario Odyssey is one of the most fun games on the Nintendo Switch. In relatively wide stages we control the Big N icon with unforgettable worlds full of enemies and very peculiar situations. It’s a simple yet enjoyable experience.

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More impressive than the genius that’s already come to be expected of the franchise’s games when it comes to captivating players is Nintendo’s ability to reward us when we least expect it. You can completely stray from your original goal, head to an empty location, and suddenly get coins because you simply made the decision to go to a location that wasn’t mandatory on that trip.

Reproduction: Nintendo.

The reward frequency of Nintendo games has always been great, just like what happens with From Software games for example. Still, Super Mario Odyssey might surprise players who just decide to check out how carefully the scenarios were created.

For example, in the Kingdom of Sand, there are vast fields of sand in which nothing can be seen. It’s the kind of landscape that can make players wonder, “Why is this here if there’s nothing?” Then you go there and suddenly Mario automatically jumps as coins (or, if you’re lucky, moons) are added to the player’s “score”.

It becomes surreal. You look around, you see that things are not on the surface of a certain circumstance, you go there and you are rewarded with something, however small. The game deserves to be curious, unlike other games like Final Fantasy VII Remake. Obviously, Square Enix’s game has a lot of other merits, but walking down a hallway expecting to find something cool and only finding boxes to destroy is kind of sad.

Super Mario Odyssey will be 5 years old in October 2022. If you haven’t had a chance to play it yet, play it when you can. Mustache fans will surely be delighted to see how every inch of each map seems to have been crafted with every possible care.

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