Sunday Gold brings a different blend of adventure and RPG

Developed by BKOM Studios and distributed by Team17, we are presented with a game that combines classic point and click adventure with RPG. Come and see if it’s worth playing in our Sunday Gold review.

The game will be available for PC via Steam on October 13th and features subtitles and interfaces in PT-BR. However, up to the point of this analysis, the translation is a complete mess, with moments in English and nonsensical texts.

Interesting plot of Sunday Gold – analysis

The game follows Frank, a rogue thief who thinks he’s a modern-day Robin Hood and steals from the rich to give to the neediest – in this case, himself. Two years before the main story, he and his partners, Sally and Ruth, work on a job that ends badly and Ruth is either captured or killed.

Two years pass and we meet Frank, who owes a lot of money to some mobster. For this payment, Sally introduces him to a third member of the group, Gavin. He offers a job to infiltrate the mega-corporation where he worked to steal some information and sell it at a very high price. Obviously, things don’t go as planned, but I won’t go into details to avoid potential spoilers.

Analysis: Sunday Gold

Amazing scenery and characters

Sunday Gold has a wonderful environment of its own. For starters, at first glance, the game appears to be set in an older era, probably around the 90s, however, it takes place in the future, 2070 to be exact. At the same time, it has a certain air. A neo-noir film with an old-time detective vibe, but with modern content and features. The city itself, though barely explorable, has neon and cyberpunk lighting. However, this comparison is limited to that, avoiding flying cars and ultra-cybernetic characters.

And speaking of characters, the look of the game is more interesting than the other. Notably, they eschew the cute and modern standards that most games have and are more cartoonish. Frankie is slim, tall, and has a completely slicked-back hairstyle. Sally is a huge, strong blonde with a square jaw. Gavin, on the other hand, is an “aggressive nerd”, bald and stupid in appearance and mannerisms. Even so, it’s hard not to feel love for them. Mainly because they are completely different from each other, yet they have an almost inexplicable chemistry.

Another important feature of the score is that it has almost no fluid animations. Almost all actions, attacks and specials are done in frames, giving the feeling of reading a comic book. This feeling is enhanced by some sounds with visual effects, such as the old “crash boom explosion”. This fits the theme of the game perfectly, making it visually pleasing.

Analysis: Sunday Gold

Unique gameplay that deserves to be replayed from Sunday Gold – Review

Golden Sunday has a very good mix between adventure and RPG. On the other hand, this mix is ​​a bit limiting for both genres, but nothing that negatively affects the experience. Starting with its adventure side, the game has a classic point-and-click where we interact with objects, collect items to access other places, etc. It’s great, but it’s limited to basic search and interaction. While a more complete adventure game expands these options by moving, pushing, pulling, etc. On the other hand, its RPG side is the standard style of fighting, gaining experience and leveling up, but with a slower evolution than traditional RPGs.

Analysis: Sunday Gold

It should be emphasized that these limitations do not take away from the fun of the game at all. Mainly because it has some innovative and fun mechanics that fit perfectly into these genres. The main and most interesting are the action points that the characters have. Each interaction costs a number of points, which are filled as you pass the turn. With that, we get into another game mechanic, I found an animal. As we break into and rob places, naturally we try to be as stealthy as possible. So if we go on too long, every time we pass a turn there’s a chance to increase the enemy’s attention level and/or start a fight that gets harder and harder as our awareness increases.

Managing action points will be important

These points are also used in battle, which means that it is important to manage them so that battles start with more points. However, most battles are fought while passing the turn, which means starting with full points. The game’s puzzles can be repeated endlessly until they are completed, however, they are also worth action points. That is, the more we fall, the more turns are used, and therefore the more we struggle with the escalating difficulty.

Analysis: Sunday Gold

Another interesting factor is that each character has a unique specialty that should be used in different situations. They are done in the form of different mini-games for each. Frank is a hazard handler, and Sally uses her strength to move or break objects. Gavin is an expert hacker who can penetrate systems and drones. These actions consume a significant amount of action points, and this brings about another cool feature of the game: character evolution.

For each level we reach, we get two points, which serve to improve skills. The choices are free, but they have a different focus. For example, leveling up specialties will make characters need action points to perform them. Or we can upgrade combat skills to deal more damage, making combat easier.

Taking care of the characters’ mental health will also be an important factor.

In addition to action points, we will also need to take care of the characters’ composure. Witnessing stressful or dangerous events affects their mind by reducing this attribute. It affects each person more or less negatively. For example, Gavin is a coward by nature, he reacts more negatively to aggressive events than other characters.

Analysis: Sunday Gold

The lower this attribute, the more scared and nervous the character becomes, which prevents him from controlling himself. This is represented, for example, in battle. Depending on the stress level, we will have shorter and shorter time to act. As well as outside, it is more difficult to perform certain actions because the numbers and texts are confused and messy when we do it. The effects of stress can be enhanced or cured by items such as drinks and drugs, or by skills such as Frank’s inspiration.

Analysis: Sunday Gold

Beautiful song and sensational voice acting

Speaking of its soundtrack, Sunday Gold also captured it well. As mentioned earlier, the game has a neo-noir vibe to it, and I felt that this was reflected in its soundtrack. With mystery and investigation – even though we’re thieves, not detectives – it was enjoyable and appropriate to the setting. An interesting part is the jukebox, which we can interact with in the pub where we plan missions. It has songs by the same artist playing in the background and can be changed manually.

But what really fascinates her is her dubbing. Not only does the voice match the characters very well, but so does their personality. Frankie is a crooked thief and makes great commentary with his style. Sully is calm and calculating, and can show it even in critical situations. Gavin, well, this is Gavin, a nerd who is afraid of everything and desperate in critical moments. Both the voice acting and the characters’ personalities shined here, bringing more grace and empathy to each.

Conclusion of our weekly gold review

Sunday Gold is a game that made a very positive impression on me. The game has a story that already captures itself. Also, we have a very attractive look that I never find boring. Its gameplay is innovative and highly engaging. I’d love to see it in other games in the future. Either as presented here, or even more perfect.

I believe that Sunday Gold not only did a great job, but also brought a fascinating new style to gaming. How the public will receive this news remains to be seen. But I can say that personally I was very satisfied with what the game gave us.

This week’s gold review follows our internal guidelines. Click here to check out our evaluation process.

Visuals, atmosphere and graphics – 9

Gameplay – 10

Fun – 10

Audio and soundtrack – 9



Sunday Gold is a game that amazes both in terms of aesthetics and general gameplay. I sincerely hope that your innovative approach will become the standard for adventure games in the future.

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