Sunbreak for Switch and PC

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the long-awaited expansion to Monster Hunter Rise, is now available for Switch and PC (Steam).

According to Capcom, this expansion will transport players to a distant kingdom where they will enter a new story, fight new monsters, master new combat options, explore new locations, conquer Master Rank quests and experience other exciting features.

More information is provided below, as released by Capcom:

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak begins after the heroic defense of Kamura Village in Monster Hunter Rise. News of the village’s rescue inspires a gallant knight, Dame Fiorein, to travel from a distant kingdom in search of help. Hunters brave enough to answer the call will travel to the port of Posto Elgado. This research center and command post is responsible for stopping the threat to the kingdom. At the top of the target list are powerful creatures inspired by classic Western horror known as the Three Lords. This trio consists of the elemental power Garangolm, the cool Fang Wyrm Lunagaron, and the vampiric Elder Dragon Malzeno. In addition to these fearsome enemies, other new monster variants and fan-favorite creatures return, including the nasty Magmalo, Espinas, and Shagaru Magala, who come to challenge hunters in the difficulty of the Master Rank quest.

In order to face these unfortunate forces head on, the hunters who arrive at Elgado Outpost must learn new ways of fighting. While Kamura Village is known for its unique Cabinsect techniques, including Ironsilk Assaults and Wyrm Mount, hunters summoned to the kingdom will learn new trading skills in addition to gaining new Trading Skill Shift techniques. This new mechanic allows hunters to assign Swap Skills to two different loadouts that can be swapped out in real-time during the hunt. The added flexibility of choosing which skills are best in any given situation allows the experienced hunter to overcome virtually any obstacle. When receiving attacks during a Swap Skill Change, Hunters can perform a Swap Dodge in any direction to avoid a threat or reposition themselves to continue attacking.

Exploring the behavior of the three lords takes hunters to new and reimagined locations throughout the kingdom, including the newly revealed Keep and the return of the Wild. The castle features snow-capped peaks falling into lush forests filled with new native life forms. At the center of this vast region lies a long-abandoned castle that serves as a bastion for the monsters that were meant to be protected. Meanwhile, the jungle returns from the second generation of Monster Hunter titles and boasts a warm climate with abundant rainfall, making it a haven for the monsters and plants that live there.

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