Summer Game Fest 2022 will mainly focus on the already announced games

The event should bring news of 30 to 40 games from next Thursday (9)

Scheduled for next Thursday (9), Summer Game Fest is set to bring in 30 to 40 game news in stores in the coming months. However, those who are waiting for big announcements may leave the event a little disappointed, said host Jeff Kyle. Most of the news presented should be related to already known titles.

During a Twitter Spaces show last week, Kilim said he was “very excited” by the content he was able to gather for the event.. According to the presenter, the viewers will have access to the news “Massive gamesAs well as independent projects and teams showing their projects for the first time.

I would say that many of the games we are going to show have already been announced … The games will show you new content as well as some of the ones I mentioned.“- The presenter explained. According to games like Callisto Protocol, Knights of Gotham Is new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 There will be several attractions on display Summer Game Festival 2022.

The event has some surprises

Kaylee also said that before The show should have news about Xbox and Nintendo Switch exclusives, The companies in charge of the platforms have to book the biggest ads for their own events. In the case of Nintendo, Any advertising should be done by its partnersGiven that He is not part of the Summer Game Fest Officially – the organization intends to change something in the future.

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We will have a lot more to share this week. Some other things we are going to laugh about in the next few days and then there will be a lot of things that we are going to keep for the show.“- The presenter explained. The presentation is expected to last from two hours to two and a half hours.Depending on the time of attendance of each guest and the unforeseen events that may occur live.

Also the organizer of Summer Game Fest Asked the public to have a little control over their expectations about the bombing revelations. “These are not game rewards. We have a lot of good things to show, but beware of some of the crazy gossip I see there, in terms of what people expect to be revealed.“.

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