Stroke The Dog is a new “game” with 71 trophies and easy platinum; The PS Store is flooded again

A while ago we published an article about the ridiculous situation facing the PS Store, PS4 and PS5 with easy platinum games. In this case we covered Breakthrough Gaming titles, but there are several other companies abusing the system with even worse practices.

For example, we have the “Journey” series of games, which is simply a PNG (image file) that moves across the screen from right to left until the platinum appears. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s even a Nitro version of every game that’s more expensive and faster to platinum.

In the same style, there are games from the “Jumping” series. Hold X to see a jump food PNG on the screen.

Some time ago, a title called “Press X For Trophies” appeared on PSN. Its release was eventually canceled due to negative results. But the company is now more quietly back, with an equally absurd game.

Stroke dog (titled ‘Stroke The Dog Petting the Dog’ on the PS Store – there are separate PS4 and PS5 versions) is a game where you see a PNG of a dog that has a glow effect with every X press. 71 titles are awarded to the player who does this a total of 2000 times (ie by pressing X 2000 times).

The difference between this game and the other mentioned games is its price: R$ 21.50 – three times more expensive than the main games (“Nitro”) from the series. jumpfor example.

Obviously, it doesn’t have to end there. If you search the PS Store, Stroke the Cat and Stroke the Hamster have already been announced.

The biggest problem with these titles isn’t their “garapis”, or ease of getting platinum. It’s because you ctrl+cev a lot of the same platinum games that you mostly don’t even play.

Ratalaika and eastasiasoft have become famous for easy platinum, but at least they are sequential games that platinum is only easy because they put all the trophies in the actions that happen at the beginning of the game. But for those who don’t care about trophies, there is a product that fits the bill.

With the games mentioned above, this is clearly not the case. You can’t call them “games”. The current state of the trophy rankings, where there was more serious contention on sites like myPSt, has become a competition of who opens the wallet more, not who plays more.

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