Strict stretching for the Yankees begins with injuries

Despite their recent fights – despite comparative fights – the Yankees woke up on Thursday morning with a major league baseball record.

No other team had achieved 30 wins and had no winning percentage.More than 700. With a score of 31-13, the Yankees got off to the best start since 1998, when they won their first three consecutive World Series titles. For a team that entered in 2022 with questions about whether the deep-raced playoffs had improved enough, the Yankees played as a contender for the championship during the quarter of the regular season.

But some cracks started. Entering a four-game series against Division rival Tampa Bay Reyes, which kicked off Thursday in St. Petersburg, Florida, the Yankees have lost four of their last seven games. The marathon 162-match regular season radar just hit the radar, but noticeable.

Most important, however, is the series of major player injuries that accumulate after a healthy start to the year. On Saturday, longtime right-winger Chad Green hit the roster with an elbow injury that will require season-ending Tommy John’s surgery. Since then, the Yankees have tackled numerous ailments, testing the depth of the team with the third highest salary in baseball.

Outfield Joey Gallo, third baseman Josh Donaldson and catch Kyle Higashioka spent time this week on the Covid-19 injured list.

DJ Lemahier, the team’s versatile inspector who is slowly becoming more like his old self, has left the pitch due to a left wrist injury after the 2021 season with an injury. On Tuesday, he underwent a magnetic resonance imaging and received a cortisone injection due to discomfort. Yankees manager Aaron Bunn told reporters that Lemahie was being discussed on a daily basis.

However, some of Lemahie’s teammates will need more time. Left-handed Aarold Chapman, whose command on the hill was inconsistent, hit the list of 15-day casualties on Tuesday with left Achilles tendonitis. One day later, key right-hand reliever Jonathan Loisiga, who was also swimming, joined Chapman on IL with right shoulder inflammation.

After a much more alarming injury occurred, outfield player Giancarlo Stanton was lifted for a shot during the Yankees’ 7-6 win over Baltimore Oriole on Tuesday in what the team initially called a calf strain.

Following the MRI, the Yankees placed Stanton, who battled injuries while the Yankees worked but led the team at the RBI this season, his mark on his 10-day IL changed to an inflammation of his right ankle.

“I just feel like this is something that will be short, but I feel like we have to beat it and not mix it up and maybe it will become something else,” Boone told reporters about Stanton’s injury. “So hopefully he came out in front of her a bit and hopefully just 10 days passed and he came back.”

Stanton’s presence in the Yankees will be missed: he hit the .285 with 11 home runs and the .862 base-plus-slash percentage – second on the team after Aaron Judge.

Although the dwarf has started the season unusually well, he can not even carry the lineup alone. And thus, the Yankees will have to find answers elsewhere on their list as they enter a tougher part of their schedule, with a percentage of winnings to several teams after a recent stretch.

They face a more difficult task against Reyes, who have won the Eastern League of America every previous two seasons but entered the series with a 26-17 record, four and a half games behind the Yankees. As of Thursday, 23 of the Yankees’ next 29 games are against teams with a winning percentage of more than 0.500, such as the Los Angeles Angels, Minnesota Twins, Houston Astros and Flights.

Higashioka and Gallo are back in the game in recent days, but this season they have contributed more with gloves than bats. Donaldson – whose one-game suspension has been challenged for “disrespectful” comments to Chicago White Sox teammate Anderson – may be back soon.

Looking for another reinforcement, the Yankees signed a deal on Thursday with more than a major league contractor Carpenter, an all-star three-way player. Carpenter, 36, spent 11 years with the St. Louis Cardinals, fighting for the plate in his last three seasons. He signed a contract with Texas in the winter and reached the .275 with 21 home runs in 21 games with their class AAA subsidiary, Round Rock Express, before being released last week.

Although the injuries were more severe than the team’s attack, the Yankees’ strongest part this season has been his pitch staff. Chapman, Green and Loisiga are all out, joining left-back Zach Britton and right-wing start-up Domingo German at IL, but on Thursday entry the Yankees were third in the majors thanks to a crucial contribution to the ERA (3.00). Breakout starter Nestor Cortes (1.80 ERA), versatile Michael King (2.96) and filler closer to Clay Holmes (0.38).

On Thursday, the Yankees added a familiar face: Manny Baniuelos, 31, a former lead prospect who ten years ago was one of the killer Bs with Andrew Breckman and Delin Bethans – a band that is likely to be the future. From the franchise pitching staff. Only Bethany turned into a bona fide majoritarian league, growing into a four-time all-star man until a series of injuries sidelined him over the past three years.

After his own many illnesses and a winding road that included stops in major and minor leagues in Mexico and Taiwan, Baniuelos signed a minor league deal with the Yankees in the winter and posted 2.35 eras with almost 31 innings in their class. AAA Affiliate. After the JP Sears threw five goalless innings at the start of their first major league on Wednesday, the Yankees needed a new arm and were called up by Baniuelos. His next major championship will be the first in the Yankees.

Carpenter and Baniuelos may look like unlikely fillers for a team whose salary fund does not exceed just $ 250 million, but if they can help bridge the gap before regular team members return, they will do their job.

“You have to be able to withstand the storm and strengthen the other guys in different situations,” Boone told reporters on Wednesday about his team’s injuries. “Sometimes it happens in a short time. Sometimes, it takes longer. This is the main part of the 162-game season. We are ready to deal with it, we look forward to resolving it. The season does not stop for anyone. “

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