Street Fighter 6 will be cross-platform crossplay and Rollback Netcode

Capcom wants to avoid the problems that plague Street Fighter V Online

One of Capcom’s most anticipated games for 2023! Street Fighter 6 It can already be checked in the trial version available during this period Summer Game Fest Live. In addition to watching the game and discovering new details about them, journalists and influencers had the opportunity to talk to the developers who Confirmed some interesting aspects about the launch.

Second Maximilian DudiOne of the leading manufacturers of content in the fighting games community, Capcom has confirmed that the title will bring crossplayers across all platforms. Most importantly, the game should also get Netcode rollbackA system that is considered to be one of the most modern solutions for competitive online games.

The solution takes care of delaying orders differently than the system currently in place Street Fighter V. It instantly processes the commands executed by the player, “improvises” the result sent to the opponent. If there is an error in the end result, the system “goes back in time” And fix the match in the correct order.

Street Fighter 6 promises more dynamic online matches

Although Rollback Netcode does not bring perfect results, they are considered Much better than the delay-based system seen in many modern games. Titles that use technology are usually more sensitive and do not have to deal with the slow and bizarre features of alternative technology.

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And that was just it Using the old netcode that caused a lot of criticism towards Street Fighter V, Which in many cases depended on decisions made by the community itself to improve online match delays. So it seems Capcom paid close attention to fan feedback And decided it was time to bet on new solutions to ensure a less frustrated online environment.

The Japanese developer wants to use Street Fighter 6 As a way of redefining the characteristics of a series For more competitive and invited new playersS. The title is confirmed for release in 2023, with versions confirmed PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S And Pracha.

Impregnated art shows 22 possible fighters in Street Fighter 6

Impregnated art shows 22 possible fighters in Street Fighter 6
New designs of characters have been circulating on the internet for several months now.


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