Street Fighter 6 shines and has GOTY potential!

Brazil Game Show 2022 ended yesterday, but on the first day of the fair, we can easily determine that Street Fighter 6 will be the event’s biggest and best attraction. In the Capcom themed booth, six machines allowed two players at a time to stand next to each other just like in the good ol’ arcade days, leaving everyone passing by with a smile on their face!

And no less, because the demonstration was quite orderly. Interestingly, the build of BGS was different from what was available in the last closed beta, which had a few more game modes, but both had the same fighting arenas and viewing arenas. And of course, here we test both versions and tell you all about it next!

Tailored for beginners and veterans alike

I practically lived on the first day of BGS Street Fighter 6, took advantage of the fact that the event was still closed to the general public and that the lines were much smaller because of it. So, in addition to doing the test behind closed doors, I also visited the queue several times to play with friends and strangers of the most diverse profiles. And if there’s one thing they all shared, it was the joy and optimism of what they saw.

So many fighting game veterans – who almost universally see this release as more promising than a troubled start to life street fighter v – As more casual individuals who have taken the chance to review one of the most classic video game franchises seem to agree that the visuals are very exciting and the gameplay is super fluid. Check out the first hour of the closed beta to get an idea:

Unlike BGS, which only had one mode for head-to-head combat, in the closed beta it was possible to use a powerful character creator to customize your avatar. It’s hard to name a creator with more capabilities and resources than this, and no doubt we’ll soon be seeing tons of tutorial videos teaching how to create many celebrities, from politicians to influencers to even exotic creatures. , because for fun you can even make completely disproportionate avatars.

After your virtual face is assembled – which will not change in the beta, but in the final version Street Fighter 6 Can be freely customized – You’re introduced to a new hub where you can roam freely with a large two-story hall filled with arcades and a few small shops where you can buy items for your avatar.

A big improvement online

It sounds silly, but I thought it was really cool that you could literally sit in front of an arcade machine while you wait for someone to sit next to you to play as well. Besides being immersive, it ends up being a really cool homage to the old arcade days. But since nostalgia alone doesn’t make a video game, you might as well leave searching for random or ranked matches while doing other things in the game. Check out the online matchmaking process:

Still on the topic of ranked matches, one of the coolest improvements that is surprisingly already in the beta is that this time each different character has their own level for online matches. For example, your rank playing Jaime no longer has anything to do with your rank using Ryu or Chun-Li, and you can climb to max connection with one fighter while the other remains rookie or bronze.

This will probably help to not only balance matches better, but also make life easier for those who want to learn to play with a new character but don’t want to mess up their current connection. In the end, it’s a big win that should still put some slack on the Smurfs on duty. By the way, another cool thing is that if your match is too slow, you can also offer your opponent to give up and cancel the match.

It has never been easier to improve

When I first started playing fighting games, one of the biggest challenges I faced was learning the basic technical concepts in the game. Basic things like toes, whiff punishment, or even more consistent ways to use bread and butter combo frame counts were simply out of reach without a friend or an online text or video tutorial.

The new training mode is a spectacle in itself and in addition to being able to simulate more scenarios than ever before, it has also become much more didactic and easier to understand the number of shots and when you are ahead or not, as we even have now. It has colored bars that distinguish the different moments of the shot, from preparation to its recovery.

And while it’s still a little early to tell, the general reaction to the biggest news in battles, the new Drive system (see how it works in fights in the video above), is certainly as polarized as it seems right now. The potential to be more fair and strategic than the old V and their incredible turns.

It is displayed below the health bar and is consumed on a one-time use basis. Take the bar all the way and you’ll burn out, leaving you much more vulnerable and limited. While Drive Impact beats almost every move in the game, not connecting it creates a giant window of opportunity for punishment.

Newbies should really appreciate these powerful mechanics, as well as the addition of “modern controls”. If you find it very difficult to connect moves and pull off specials, this option gives you a taste of the good game. Street Fighter without suffering so much.

Overall, with so many exciting hits and additions, we can’t wait to see what the game looks like at launch. Until then, I’d love to visit the best booth at BGS 2022!

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