Street Fighter 6: Kimberly and Jury Revealed in Trailer; look

Capcom released a preview trailer early Monday morning (8). Street Fighter 6 which confirms two new fighters in the cast: Kimberly and judge. The news was part of EVO 2022, the world’s biggest fighting game.

New to the franchise, Kimberly is described as the successor to the Bushiniryu style and is a student of Guy, the original character. The final battle. This relationship explains their similarities in a game that tries to portray a modern and extroverted ninja. He is also a big fan of 80s pop music.

It’s interesting to note that Kimberly’s moves make great use of spray cans, or disappearing into curtains of paint or placing time bombs on the canvas. He also proves to be a very fast character thanks to his command, which serves to extend combos or trick the opponent.

Juri is a fighter who needs no introduction. He made his debut SUpper Street Fighter IV And since then he has been a part of the Capcom series, from which he returned Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. He is known for being a downright sadist, and now that he no longer has a reason to seek revenge on M. Bison, he is free to take advantage of the suffering of his enemies.

Jury’s arsenal here is directly indicative of his first appearance, including returning fumbles in the previous game. O Feng Shui enginewhich allows for new hit combos, is back as a slash special, and his Critical Art has a similar animation. Super Street Fighter IV.

The new trailer also features Chinese-themed scenery.Source: Disclosure/Capcom

Interestingly, the character reveal was leaked a few hours earlier on the official German Capcom networks. The post has been deleted, but it was long enough to resonate.

It’s also worth noting that both Kimberley and Jury were included in a major leak that named at least 22 fighters in the cast, including their visuals. At that time, Capcom realized the situation and provided even more precision.

On time, Street Fighter 6 It continues with a planned release in 2023, with no set date yet. The game will have versions for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series, in addition to supporting cross game on all platforms and return netcode For more responsive online gaming.

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