Street Fighter 6 has full potential

Street Fighter 6 Color

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It’s hard to keep a sense of freshness in a game series that’s been around for over 30 years. There’s no shortage of examples in the title industry that have stagnated, both due to a lack of new ideas and the will of developers and publishers. Even so, it’s always nice to feel that breath of fresh air when you get your hands on an effort that brings consistency along with originality. Street Fighter 6 It follows this line exactly.

After more than 10 battles…

Of course, it’s still too early to pass any judgment on Capcom’s work, which won’t be released until 2023 for PS4, PS5, Steam, and Xbox Series X|S. I played the demo for over 30 minutes at Brasil Game Show 2022. There were about 15 matches against two friends amid laughter and opinions.

I immediately tried to experience the characters that had caught my attention so far: Kimberly and Jamie. With very different gameplay, I felt they needed more strategy and well-executed execution by the player. In addition, the controls worked very well, I had no trouble performing special moves and small combos.

This way, I was able to enjoy the basic details of the game, from the use of the drive system (more on that below) to the more “down to earth” movement of the fighters. It may seem that the game is hard, but this is only an impression. The fact is that it offers many different ways to attack and defend, which I thought was missing street fighter v.

Anyone who’s played a round here or there in the series will feel right at home the first time they hear the word “Battle!”.

There are many styles in the game

There are many styles in the game

Photo: Disclosure / Capcom / Tecnoblog

Mechanics and style

whole thread Street Fighter 6 It is directed towards street art. A hip-hop-infused soundtrack sets the pace for dynamic battles, while a new commentary option excites the most competitive fans.

It’s impossible not to talk about the game’s colors and artistic style at the presentation. Everything has a very lively look, managing to strike the right balance between seriousness and fun. The special moves have an almost musical atmosphere, light up during combat and at a speed of 60 frames per second.

However, none of these would have the effect Capcom wanted if the mechanics were bland. Fortunately, the drivetrain seems to be well implemented. To summarize, without going into technical details, this system offers both fighters the same resource from the start of the fight.

With it, players can use more powerful versions of their kicks or precise counterattack forms, for example. However, if you abuse it and spend the entire bar too soon, one can be at a disadvantage. In other words, management becomes a fundamental factor, especially in competitive matches.

Tatsumaki Senpukyaku Fresh Air

So far, it looks like Capcom has learned from the mistakes it made during its initial trajectory street fighter v. The new venture appears to be even stronger in the demo, with an interesting cast that will become gigantic over time.

In fact, the ranked mode has already received some interesting information, such as a fairer and less frustrating scoring system. This will allow the player to not lose as many points when defeated, by holding him down to a certain level, such as silver and gold, for example.

That said: it’s still too early to pass judgment, but I’ve been this excited for a series title to come out for years now. Street Fighter. Speaking of which, enjoy and check out the timeline of the entire series.

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Street Fighter 6 has full potential

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