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Street Fighter 6, the sequel to Capcom’s popular fighting game franchise, had a closed beta last weekend. With versions planned for 2023 for PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X/S, the game spares no effort to avoid all the problems of its predecessor, and this is very clear from the first hours of the game. The version included eight playable characters: Luke, Jamie, Ryu, Chun-Li, Gul, Kimberly, Juri, and Kenny. Recently confirmed fighters E.Honda, Blanka and Dhalsim have finally left.

In addition, this was the first time that the general public was able to experience the Battle Hub, which concentrates online functions. It is considered one of the pillars of the gaming experience and is unprecedented in the franchise, allowing up to a hundred players from different platforms to meet, interact and participate in activities, supporting crossplay. O TechTudo Had a chance to try the game and in the following lines will tell us all about Street Fighter 6. Check:

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Street Fighter 6’s Battle Hub simulates an arcade with game and activity stations — Photo: Reproduction/Bruno Magalhães

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In the official promotional materials, Battle Hub seemed difficult to understand. But on paper, it doesn’t go much further than other gaming lobbies in the genre, such as Arc System Works’ (Guilty Gear Strive). Still, the feature is unprecedented in the Street Fighter franchise, which has always featured menu-based match queues, bringing welcome news that works very well.

In the overall Street Fighter 6 experience, players can create an avatar with various customization options. It’s the most powerful creation system ever created by Capcom, and it’s spawned tons of memes on social media. A user-created character will be used in the story mode, a world tour that brings an open world to explore. However, he will also be able to wander through online lobbies and meet players from around the world.

In Street Fighter 6, the Battle Hub always highlights players’ victory sequences on the big screen — Photo: Reproduction/Bruno Magalhães

Players have a list of different servers to choose from, separated by region such as South America, North America, Asia, and more. After choosing the one they want, they enter a large hall where several arcade stations are scattered. There’s also a shop to buy avatar items, an event counter, a space entirely dedicated to old playable games like Street Fighter 2 and Final Fight, among other areas.

Avatars can perform various gestures and actions, including character movements. There is also live chat to send messages to everyone on the server, and it is also possible to chat privately or travel with a specific user. You can also take photos, access other players’ details, watch replays and of course play online. There are two ways to do this: connect to a matchmaking queue or two people can sit in the same booth to start a match.

You can play Capcom Classics on Battle Hub, including Street Fighter 2, Final Fight and Magic Sword — Photo: Reproduction/Bruno Magalhães

Most interestingly, the Battle Hub has large screens that show the sequence of player victories, feeding the competitive spirit just like in real arcades. If someone defeats a featured player, the screen will also show the result. Sometimes there are also tournaments that shake up the entire lobby, where any player can register. The tables at individual stations are run automatically by the game and everyone can watch the finals on a giant screen.

The whole Battle Hub experience felt very condensed and it was common to see users just walking around, playing or talking. If someone was influential or a more prominent member of society, soon everyone would gather to form a line and play a bit. Since they support 100 players, the rooms are a bit heavy.

Street Fighter 6 tries to fix all the problems of its predecessor, especially with the network code. The game uses quality netcode rollback that allows rematches even against users from other countries with higher ping. During our tests, about 400 games were played, and only five of them had crashing problems.

It is interesting to note that if connection problems are detected, it is possible to request a withdrawal in the first round. If the opponent agrees, the battle is canceled and both return to the lobby. Among other interesting details is the fact that users can play in different scenarios at the same time, depending on their combat settings. This means that no one else is forced to play during the training stage.

Street Fighter 6’s ranked battles let you choose where the player wants to calibrate — Photo: Reproduction/Bruno Magalhães

Ranked matches also have an interesting feature. Players can choose which league they want to calibrate to, requiring ten consecutive battles to rank. This is interesting for beginners to avoid lower level experts. In our test, we were able to calibrate straight to platinum, skipping ranks like bronze, silver, and gold. It’s worth noting that points are also separate for each character, just like in Street Fighter 4.

All of these changes show how Capcom cares about Street Fighter 6’s quality of life, and take into account all the criticisms of the previous release, which were quite annoying. It’s no exaggeration to say that the game brings the best online experience in fighting games today, albeit in beta.

Every release of Street Fighter has featured a universal mechanic, and this time the Drive System fills that role. It consists of six green bars located below life, which are always full. Through them, players have access to five attack and defense techniques, each with a specific value. This means that players are no longer rewarded for hitting, as they were in Street Fighter 5 with the V-Trigger mechanic. Here, the secret is to manage the bar intelligently, because the character will run out after running out.

Matches are so much about conserving resources that even defending hits uses up a portion of the Drive bar. Therefore, there are risks even if the player chooses a more compressed style – forcing him to take action. Drive Impact, an excellent charge that absorbs up to three hits, is fairly easy to use and also provides some stunning moments in contention.

Street Fighter 6’s drive system brings new dynamics to matches and values ​​caution — Photo: Reproduction/Bruno Magalhães

Everything is very intuitive and fun. Enhanced moves known as Ex also rely on this bar to be used. Super Specials, on the other hand, are counted in a separate bar at the bottom of the screen.

Over thirty hours into the game, it became clear that Street Fighter 6 is a game that values ​​spatial control and punishment more. There’s even a new condition called Punish Counter that allows combo conversions in these situations. Unlike its predecessor, most of the normal buttons put the player at a disadvantage when defending, thus giving the turn to the opponent. Therefore, it is necessary to move around the screen a lot and mislead the opponent, i.e. press buttons in the wind, to guarantee punishment.

Ultimately, the result is a more down-to-earth game that rewards players with good fundamentals and patience. Capcom has taken care of that Feedback Interactions between characters: It’s all very enjoyable to play and watch. The beautiful visuals, which follow a slightly more realistic line with the RE Engine and borrow elements of street culture in their effects, also contribute to Street Fighter 6 being the best game in the entire series so far.

Street Fighter 6 Exceeds Expectations in Beta Test and Promises to Take the Franchise to Its Highest Point in Years — Photo: Reproduction/Bruno Magalhães

With beta testing, Street Fighter 6 has all the makings to be one of the best fighting games of all time. The game has a casual audience at the center, offering modalities and forms of interaction that make a leap in the eyes of people outside of the bubble of these types of titles. This translates into the existence of modern commands, with inputs It’s easy to make beautiful strokes with a few buttons. Not to mention powerful accessibility options, such as the ability to use sounds in specific situations, such as helping the visually impaired.

It’s evident in every corner that a lot of love has gone into the project. The attention to detail is quite interesting, including references to previous titles. For example, Kenny’s two-bar special returns to Street Fighter 3rd Strike, and the music Kimberly listens to on her cassette player in the three-bar special gains vocals if the move is performed a second time during a match. It’s a small thing, but it adds a lot to the final product.

Street Fighter 6 Beta goes beyond expectations, delivering a game that surpasses its predecessor Street Fighter V as Capcom’s sort of “apology” to fans. The good news is that everything is on track for the game’s official release in 2023.

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