Street Fighter 6 adds ideas to the timeless formula

If there are games that can be intimidating to new players, it’s fighting games. Jumping into style titles tends to create a cycle of discovery, satisfaction when you think you’ve mastered the mechanics, and frustration when you’re up against more experienced players.

It’s no exaggeration that the genre as we know it today was founded by Street Fighter, a game released for arcades by Capcom in 1987. Today, 35 years later, the sixth episode of the series is one of the highlights of the Brazilian game show. 2022 year.

Scheduled for release in 2023, with versions for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One, Series S, and Series X, the game aims to prove that even gamers who are just getting into true virtual wonder can enjoy it.

slope During the event, he had a chance to try the game. And, right away, it can be said that Street Fighter 6 is taking some steps towards newcomers, at any time, not leaving aside its most ardent fans.

The difference is in control

When it was revealed that Capcom was planning to make Street Fighter 6 more accessible to less experienced players, the backlash was as expected: plenty of complaints, from people saying the title would “lose its essence” to others saying it would ” too much”. easy”.

This friendlier solution came in the form of two different control patterns that could be selected upon character selection.

Those who opt for modern controllers will have a simplified version of the classic three-button kick and three-kick layout from the series. Instead – given a standard controller – the four face buttons are responsible for light attacks, medium attacks, strong attacks and special moves, while the shoulder buttons perform actions such as grab, counter attack and a button that performs automatic combos.

Street Fighter 6 will have two control systems; “Modern” mode makes it easier to cheat and target newbies

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The classic controls have six attack buttons, three kicks and three kicks with three levels of strength. Grabbing and counter-attacking are done with the combination of these buttons, just like the combinations should be done on the “claw”.

The mechanics aren’t new: some competing titles like Blazeblue and guilty mechanism, initial arc system Works and spirit caliberby Bandai Namco, already adopted similar configuration options so as not to alienate newcomers. Still, the addition is welcome.

At first it may seem that whoever uses the modern scheme will have an advantage in battle, but this is not the case. With it, deeper character control is impossible, and it’s no exaggeration to say that any player with minimal experience will pick up the classic controls and benefit from it. In other words: this modern scheme is really only for beginners and, in that sense, it performs its function well.

The game update has been updated

The test featured eight characters to choose from, combining classics like Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li with newcomers like Luke, Jamie, and Kimberly. When fighting, Street Fighter 6 felt like a mixture of the gameplay of the last two numbered episodes of the series, but with properly simplified elements.

A standout is the Drive System, which is represented by a bar just below the fighters’ health meter. It functions as a “resource bank” for the player to use an arsenal of offensive and defensive moves, such as Parry (a move that splashes and provides near-instant counterattacks) and more powerful versions of special moves.

This bar is consumed when using these moves and gradually fills during combat, filling completely when a new round begins.

In addition, there is a traditional super hit bar, but here players do not choose a move before the battle: super hits require a certain level of filling this bar.

The gameplay can be said to be “a more hands-on Street Fighter V”, privileging players’ creativity in both offense and defense. In this respect, the new game achieves simplicity without being superficial.

Urban and modern aesthetics

While Street Fighter IV introduced visual elements that resembled brushstrokes in the Japanese art style, Street Fighter V lacked striking visual style elements – although it was very competent at it.

This completely changes with Street Fighter 6, which takes a lot of inspiration from street art, graffiti-like effects, influences from hip-hop culture, and MMA championship events like the UFC.

Street Fighter 6 - Reproduction - Reproduction

The game’s visuals take a lot of influence from urban art, which gives the game its own style.

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This is something that has a very satisfying effect and should be explored even more by players in the unprecedented World Tour mode. In it, it will be possible to explore the city in a similar way to open world games.

It will also feature a large part of Street Fighter 6’s story, making the World Tour one of the points of interest for the new game.

At least as far as it’s been possible, Street Fighter 6 has everything to honor the legacy of the series without being too lazy to innovate. The new gameplay elements are interesting, as is the attempt to engage beginners in the game, making the game an interesting title for both experienced players and first-timers alike.

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